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Jamuna Express Train Schedule, Online Ticket, Stoppage & Ticket Prices

    Jamuna Express Train Schedule! On the Jamalpur route from Dhaka, a train called Bangladesh Railway Jamuna Express runs regularly from Dhaka Kamalapur Railway Station. If you want to travel from Dhaka to Jamalpur by train. Then you can collect tickets from Dhaka Kamalapur Railway Station. Furthermore, we discuss the price of Jamuna Express train schedule ticket on our website and  the benefits of the train.

    The Jamalpur Express train first started from Dhaka to Jamalpur on January 30, 1988. The distance from Dhaka to Jamalpur is 213 kilometers. The Jamalpur Express reaches Dhaka Kamalapur Railway Station in 8 hours from Jamalpur Railway Station. The train number is (745/746)

    Jamuna Express Train Schedule

    People commute from Dhaka to Jamalpur regularly. So I will let you know the schedule of the Jamalpur Express train thinking of your convenience. When does this train reach Dhaka? And I will give you an idea about when he left Dhaka for Jamalpur. Please see the train schedule of Jamalpur Express below.

    Departure D.Time Arival arrival Time
    Dhaka 04.45pm Tarakandi 10.55 pm
    Tarakandi 02.00 am Dhaka 07.45am

    Jamuna Express Stoppage

    On the way from Dhaka to Jamalpur Jamuna Express, it stops at many stations. Schedule of stations and when the train arrives at the stations. We will give you an idea about that.

    Sub Station From Dhaka From Tarakandi
    Dhaka 04.45 PM 07.45 AM
    Biman bandor 5:12 PM 06.50 AM
    Joydevpur 5:45 PM 06.20 AM
    Sreepur 06.16 PM 05.48 AM
    Gurgaon 06.57 PM 05.05 AM
    Mymensingh 08.00 PM 04.20 AM
    Jamalpur 09.20 PM 03.10 AM
    Sorishabari 10.15 PM 02.17 AM
    Tarakandi 10.55 PM 02.00 AM

    Jamuna Express Ticket Prices

    It is better to tell you, ‌Yamuna Express train has all the facilities. If you want, you can take AC, not AC, cabin. Ticket prices of Bangladesh Railway Jamuna Express have been fixed through different categories. We are publishing the ticket price of the Jamuna Express train on our website as per the 2021 Bangladesh Railway ticket price.

    Destination Sulov Shovan Shovan Chair First Class
    Bangabandhu Bridge 120 200 240 320
    Tarakandi 105 170 205 270
    Sorisha Bari 100 165 195 260
    Jamalpur 90 150 175 235
    Mymensingh 65 110 130 175
    Gaforgaon 50 80 95 125
    Joydevpur 25 35 40 80

    Jamuna Express Facilities

    Jamalpur Express has non-AC seats. There is an advantage in praying. Moreover, the train has food. You can carry the goods on the train if you want. You will have to pay extra for this.

    Jamuna Express Online Ticket Booking

    If you want to buy a train ticket for the current Corona situation. If you want, you can collect your tickets at home, so you have to book tickets through the official website of Bangladesh Railway. Payment can be made with Rocket, Visa card.

    Hopefully, I have been able to share all the information of Jamuna Express with you. If you have any questions about the Jamuna Express train, please comment in our comment box. Thank you.