Robi Bondho SIM Offer 2017

Robi Bondho SIM Offer 2017 users are Now Eligible to get 6 GB Free Internet in 6 Months. The user will get 1GB Internet Every Month by Activating their Unused Robi SIM. Lowest Call rate offer is also available with the Free Internet Offer. If you have a Robi Unused SIM, You can try to Activate the Robi Number to get this 6GB Free Internet and Lowest call rate Offer.

Robi Bondho SIM Offer 2017, 6 GB Internet in 6 Months:

  • The Customer will get 1 GB Internet for each month up to 6 GB.
  • Each 1 GB Internet will charge 6 TK (+VAT+SD+SC).
  • To purchase Robi 1GB@6TK Bondho SIM Offer dial *8666*060#.
  • The Validity of Robi Bondho SIM 1GB@6TK is 30 days.
  • Can be purchased only once within the validity period.
  • The 1GB @6TK Internet Pack data Usage time 12:00 AM to 12:00 PM.
  • To check Internet balance and Validity, dial *8444*88#.

Robi Bondho SIM Offer 2017 Lowest tariff for 30 days:

  • Enjoy Robi lowest tariff with 19 TK recharge each time in Robi Bondho SIM.

            Robi to Robi Call Rate: 25 Paisa per Minute.

            Robi to Other Operator: 60 Paisa per Minute.

  • The Validity of Lowest call rate is 30 days.
  • Lowest Call Rate Usage time 24 hours.
  • 10 sec pulse applied.
  • Without recharging 19 TK the call rate will be 19 Paisa per 10 Sec for any operator.

Robi Bondho SIM Offer 2017 Other conditions:

  • All Robi prepaid subscriber (Without Postpaid, Uddokta, corporate, Easyload) who hasn’t been using their Robi number for last 60 days or more will be treated as silent customers.
  • To check Robi Bondho SIM Offer eligibility, customers can send free SMS from any Robi number: A<>018XXXXXXXX to 8050.
  • 21.75% Taxes are Applied for call chargeable Amount.

Robi Bondho SIM Offer 2017 Notice Press Release: Return back to Robi and enjoy 1GB data@Tk 9. This offer is only applicable for Robi Silent Prepaid customers. So, Activate your Robi Bondho SIM and Enjoy 1 GB Internet 9 Taka. See more the all Inactive SIM Offer from here.

All the Robi bondho SIM users are Now Eligible to Enjoy 5000 MB Free Internet with lowest Call Rate by Recharging Exact 19 TK. If you have an unused Robi SIM, Just Activate your Connection Now to Enjoy This Awesome offer! We’re providing all Necessary data about the Robi Winback (Reactivation Offer) Checking Ways, All the Features like the Recharge Offer, Call Rate Offer and Internet Offer (Free MB Offer) of Robi Bondho SIM is also available! Just allow us some of your Valuable time and Read more from the below to get the clear concept.

Robi Bondho SIM Offer 2017, 5000 MB Internet Free:

  • Robi Bondho SIM users will get 250 MB Free on every 19 TK Recharge.
  • The Customer will get 250 MB Free Internet up to 5000 MB
  • By Recharging 19 TK 20 times.
  • To know how many times you recharged 19 TK, Just dial *444*9#.
  • The Validity of 250 MB Internet is 2 Days
  • The 250 MB Internet can be used from 12 AM to 12 PM until the Validity Periods.

 Robi Bondho SIM Offer 2017 Lowest Call Rate:

  • The Customer will enjoy special call rate for 24 hours by Recharging 19 TK:

25 Paisa Per Min (Robi to Robi)

60 Paisa Per Min (Robi to Other)

  • The Validity of the Special Call rate is 10 days from 19 TK Recharge Date.
  • The Special Call Rate Use time from 12 AM to 12 PM.
  • Without recharging 19 TK, The Call Rate will  be 114 Paisa Per Min
  • 10 Sec pulse applied

Robi Bondho SIM Offer 2017 Special Instructions:

  • The offer will be started within 72 hours of any chargeable action after activating the Robi Bondho SIM.
  • This offer is applicable to all silent prepaid and SME connections only (except Uddokta, Easyload, and Corporate).
  • To know  your Bondho SIM is eligible for the offer or not! Please type: A <space>018xxxxxxxx and send to 8050 Free from any Robi Number.
  • This campaign will continue till further notice comes from Robi.
  • Above mentioned prices are applicable to VAT, SD and SC.

Robi Bondho SIM Offer 2017 1GB Data pack on Tk 9:

Customer has to dial *8666*090# for purchasing this pack
– Pack price Tk 9 (+SD+VAT)
– Validity for this pack is 7 days from the purchase date
– Customer can purchase this pack only once within 7 days
– Customer can use this pack from 12am to 12 pm a day within the validity
– Customer has to dial *8444*88# for checking the data balance
– This pack is only for service class WINBACK JAN 2016 customer

Robi Bondho SIM Offer 2017 Half paisha One paisha Call Rate:

Robi prepaid subscribers (except Postpaid , SME, Uddokta, corporate, Easyload) who have not been using the connection for last 60 days or, more; (dynamic list), will enjoy the following best call rate when they are migrated to Win-back service class (within 72 hrs.) after reactivating their SIM and recharge Tk 9 or Tk 29

– 0.5paisa/sec to any on-net number
– 1paisa/sec to any other operator
Customer will enjoy 10 days validity if recharge Tk.9 and will enjoy 30 days validity if recharge Tk 29

Robi Bondho SIM Offer 2017 Default Tariff plan:

Incase a win back customer doesn’t recharge Tk9/Tk 29 they will enjoy 18 paisa/10 sec voice tariff and 50paisa SMS to any local operator. SD+VAT applicable. If these subscribers migrate to any other tariff plan they will not be eligible to get the special tariff benefit under this offer.

Win 3GB free data on registration/re-verification thru biometric process:

Customer can enjoy total 3 GB data bonus divided in 3 instalment (1GB each in every month) following condition
– Customer will get 1GB data bonus (1st Installment) if customer reactivate his silent sim by recharging Tk9/Tk29 and done reverification/reregistration successfully via biometric process within 7days of reactivation the SIM. 1st installment (1GB data) will be added within 72 hours of biometric re-registration.
– The subscribers will also get 2GB data in the next 2 months (1GB/month) subject to monthly minimum usage incurs BDT20 in the next 2 subsequent months
– The validity of each installment of data pack is 10 days once received; usage time 12am to 12pm.
– Customer who are not eligible for 1st Installment 1GB Bonus will not get 2nd & 3rd Installment

Robi Bondho SIM Offer 2017 Other conditions:

– Robi prepaid subscribers (except Postpaid, SME, Uddokta, corporate, Easyload) who have not been using his/her number for last 60 days or more will be treated as silent customers.
– Silent customers can be reactivated with any outgoing calls, SMS, or any other revenue-generating activities from their silent SIMs.
– To check eligibility, customers can send free SMS from any Robi number in the following format: A 018XXXXXXXX to 8050.
– SD+VAT applicable for all charges

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