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Xiaomi Mi7 Price in Bangladesh, Release Date, Full Specification

    Hello dear, are you looking for the Xiaomi Mi7 Bangladesh Price, Release Date, Pre-book, Store? Here we are describing the Xiaomi Mi 7 Smartphone 2018 Price in Bangladesh, Release Date, Pre-booking offer an Online Store or Authorized Agent in Bangladesh. All the Necessary Info about the Xiaomi Mi 7 Device available in here for the people who live in Bangladesh. Just read this Article completely and gain more info about the Mi7 Mobile in Bangladesh.

    Xiaomi Mi7 Price in Bangladesh 2018:

    The Selected Price of Xiaomi Mi7 in Bangladesh is BDT. 34220 TK; The Mi7 Device will know as the Redmi Mi7. If you are a Bangladesh person, you need to Search the Mi7 Device with Redmi Mi7. Redmi (Bangladesh) is the Brand of Xiaomi. At the same times, the Xiaomi will Release 2 different Smartphone in Bangladesh will know as Xiaomi Mi 7 and Redmi Mi 7. The Update and Quality Version of the Mi7 will available as Redmi Mi7 and the lower version of Mi7 Device will available with Xiaomi Mi7. The Selected Price of Xiaomi Mi 7 in Bangladesh is BDT. 34220 TK and lower Version of the Device will available with low Price.

    • Xiaomi Mi 7 BD Price: Tk. 34220/-
    • Xiaomi Mi 7 India Price: Rs. 26990/-
    • Xiaomi Mi 7 US Price: USD 465$
    • Xiaomi Mi 7 Europe Price: Euro 379€

    Xiaomi Mi7 Release date in Bangladesh:

    The Xiaomi Mi7 Bangladesh will Release in May 2018. The Xiaomi trying to release the beta Version of Both Xiaomi Mi 7 and Redmi Mi 7 more than one Month ago in Bangladesh and nearest countries. If you want, you can buy the beta testing version of Xiaomi Mi 7 in early of 2018. It may take several times to reach the Device all over Bangladesh. After officially Release the Mi 7 Device in Bangladesh, It wills Delivery First the People who already pre-booked people of Bangladesh! You can also pre-book the Mi7 Device to get it first from others.

    Xiaomi Mi7 Features:

    The Xiaomi Mi7 will available with Some New and Awesome Features which Specially Added in this page on the below with step by step. Just, Read the info which you may require to know. As an Example, Imagine you are looking for the Wireless Charging Features of Xiaomi Mi7, You can Just Read the Part of Xiaomi Mi7 Wireless Charging Technology.

    Xiaomi Mi7 Features on Screen:

    According to Xiaomi Mi7 Features update, Screen is the First because the Mi7 will available with 5.2 Inch 4K Display with 428 PPI. The Screen Resolution of Xiaomi Mi7 is 1920 X 1080 pixels.

    Xiaomi Mi7 Features about Processor:

    The processor is the Special features of Xiaomi Mi7! The Mi7 will available with the Processor up to 2.5 GHz to 2.7 GHz. The Recent Released Mi Series Smartphone Xiaomi Mi5 builds with the 2.3GHz Processor. If we get the Exact Information about the xiaomi Mi7 4G Smartphone processor update, we will include the data in here.

    Xiaomi Mi7 Features about Camera:

    The Xiaomi Mi7 4G Smartphone will available with 16 Megapixels Primary and 4 Megapixels Front Camera. But the Xiaomi Mi7 Rumors show that the device will available with 23 Megapixels Primary and 8 Megapixels Front Camera. So, stay with us until the next update about Xiaomi Mi7 Camera info.

    Xiaomi Mi7 Features about Battery:

    The Xiaomi Mi7 will available with the powerful Battery with 3000mAh. The powerful battery will keep the device long time standby and Talk time.

    Xiaomi Mi7 Features about Wireless Charging Technology:

    The Xiaomi Mi7 Device will available with the Wireless Charging Technology where you can charge the Device on the blank Place. No Wire Require charging the Device.

    Xiaomi Mi7 Features about Fast Charging Technology:

    The Xiaomi Mi7 Device will provide Fast Charging Technology where you can Charge the Phone more than 30% within the 1st 15 Minutes and more than 50% within the 1st 30 Minutes.

    Xiaomi Mi7 Features about Memory:

    The Xiaomi Mi7 Device have 6GB RAM (Random Access Memory), Internal Memory and ROM (Read Only Memory) start from 64 GB and up to 256 GB.

    Xiaomi Mi7 Features about Dual SIM Support:

    The Mi7 Device support Dual SIM with Dual Standby (4G LTE). Remember that, both SIM Size is Nano. So, collect Nano SIM before Purchase the Xiaomi Mi7 Device.

    Finally, If you need more info about the Xiaomi Mi7 Bangladesh Price, Release Date, Pre-book, Store, You can ask here for Mi7 Bangladesh via the below comment box. We will review your query of and reply you back as soon as possible. Thank you for reading Xiaomi Mi 7 Bangladesh update.