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Teletalk Internet Package 2021 – Teletalk Internet Pack List Update 2021

Teletalk Internet Package 2021! Welcome to the Teletalk Update 3G Internet Package list 2021! Dear Teletalk Internet users, Greetings from us on here for getting the New High-Speed Teletalk Internet Package. With the Teletalk 3G Internet Packs, You will able to Enjoy High-Speed Internet like up to 2Mbps and Minimum 256Kbps. Maximum users are looking for the 512 Kbps and 1Mbps Teletalk 3G Internet Package because of these package cause low price (Cheap Rates). So, Don’t waste your Valuable time. Stay with us on here to check the Latest and Update Teletalk Internet Package.

Teletalk Internet Package 2021 (3G Package):

  • 5MB@2TK for 1 Day, to Active type C4 to 111
  • 20MB@8TK for 1 Day, to Active type C5 to 111
  • 50MB@15TK for 1 Day, to Active type C7 to 111
  • 80MB@20TK for 1 Day, to Active type C9 to 111
  • 100MB@25TK for 2 Days, to Active type, C10 to 111
  • 150MB@35TK for 2 Days, to Active type C11 to 111
  • 300MB@60TK for 7 Days, to Active type C13 to 111
  • 600MB@120TK for 15 Days, to Active type C15 to 111
  • 1GB@80TK for 3 Days, To Activate type D58 to 111
  • 1GB@150TK for 10 Days, To Activate type C16 to 111
  • 1GB@200TK for 30 Days, To Activate type C17 to 111

Teletalk Internet Package Recharge Conditions:

  • SMS based (shortcode) and recharge based data activation process will work simultaneously.
  • To activate Teletalk Internet package through recharge trigger, the subscriber has to recharge Selected amount only.
  • Recharge trigger is including VAT, SD, and Surcharge.

Teletalk Internet Package Activation Process:

Do you know How to Activate Teletalk Internet Package with the Short Code? If not, here is the Complete info available for the people who want to Activate Teletalk Internet Package in their Prepaid or Postpaid number. First, Choose the Shortcode from the below Internet Package, and then go to The message options and Type the Shortcode, Then Send the message to 111 from your Teletalk Number where you want to Activate the Desire Teletalk Internet Package. While you will send the Message, you will be charged the total Amount with all kinds of Taxes.

Teletalk Internet Package Conditions for Corporate users:

  • Above monthly Internet, Packages are both for Corporate Prepaid and Postpaid Internet Users.
  • The Cost of Teletalk Corporate Internet Package for Postpaid Users will be added to the following month.
  • Pay Per Use data plan will available after finishing the Data Volume (by default).
  • To subscribe to any 3G prepaid or postpaid data plan, Go to the SMS option and Type “subscription Code”. And then send the message to 111. For example, to subscribe Monthly 4GB Data plan for 512kbps speed, Type CF1 and send to 111.
  • After Finishing the Data Package Validity or the Data Volume, the Prepaid Customer will be charged 1 Paisa per 15 KB and the Postpaid Customers will be Charged 1 Paisa per 25 KB.
  • If a customer doesn’t use the internet Volume after Activating the Teletalk Internet Package, The Available Data will not forward to another Data Package to the Next Cycle.
  • The default speed of the Teletalk Internet Package is up to 512kbps and can be enhanced up to 2Mbps.
  • For Teletalk Unlimited Internet package, the fair policy will be applicable.
  • To check the Usage of Teletalk Internet Package write ‘U‘ in the Message option and send SMS to 111.
  • To Check your available Internet balance, dial *152#.
  • SMS Charge Free (not applicable).
  • VAT, SD & SC will be included.

Finally, No more Words Require telling about Teletalk Internet Package. Do you have any Question about Teletalk 3G Internet Package or 2G Internet Package? If yes, Please Feel Free to Ask here via the below comment Box. We will Review your Comment and Reply You Back as soon as possible. Thank you for being with us.

Teletalk Internet Package 2021 Update! Dear user, Welcome to Teletalk 3G Internet Package & Teletalk 2G Internet Package! Here we are providing details Information according to All Internet Package and Internet Offer of Teletalk Bangladesh Limited. If you come here for Internet Package Details, Activation code, Recharge Amount or Validity Information, Just Read the details info from the below and then Activate Teletalk Internet Package to Enjoy High-Speed Internet Service. Get an update on Teletalk Internet package 2018! Here is the Update Internet Package of Teletalk Bangladesh Limited. The Teletalk 3G Internet Pack and 2G Internet Pack all available in here.

Teletalk 3G Internet Package:

We have added All types of Teletalk 3G Internet Package Price, Activation Code, Validity, Speed, and Recharge Amount. By reading the below structure, the user will Eligible to Activate Any Teletalk 3G Internet Package. Before Activating the Package, You must require knowing that, Teletalk Internet Package Provide different Speed from each other. If you activate a 512 Kbps Teletalk Internet Package, The Maximum Internet Speed you will get 512 KB per Sec. If you activate a 2 Mbps Internet Package, You will get Maximum Speed up to 2 MB per Sec. So, the Internet Speed will depend up to your Teletalk Internet Package and also on your Internet Device, Network Coverage and Distance from BTS.

Teletalk 2G Internet Package:

The Teletalk user who lives in the coverage of 2G Network requires Active Teletalk 2G Internet Package. The 2G Internet Package will cost Minimum Price like a Teletalk Internet Package of 3G Speed. We have added the all available Teletalk 2G Internet package where the user will eligible to activate with the selected price. No Speed Limit or Speed Difference available on Teletalk 2G Internet package.

Teletalk Internet Package Conditions:

  • To subscribe to any Teletalk Internet Package, write “Subscription Code” and send to 111. For example, to subscribe monthly 2GB Data plan for 512 Kbps speed, write D20 and send to 111.
  • After exhaustion of data pack within validity time 1paisa/15KB (For 2G Prepaid 1paisa/15KB) will be charged. After validity period if any other data pack is not subscribed by the way of recursion or by manually, Pay Per Use policy will be applicable till subscriber subscribes to any other data plan.
  • If any volume is not used during the validity period, it will expire and will not be carried over to the next cycle.
  • The default data speed is up to 512 Kbps and can be enhanced up to 4 Mbps as per data plan.
  • In case of the 2G network, speed is not applicable but the procedure is same.
  • For Unlimited Teletalk Internet Package, “Fair Usage Policy” will be applicable.
  • To check the Usage of Volume Bundled Package write ‘u‘ and send SMS to 111 and to know the balance dial *152#.
  • 15% VAT will be included.

* Note: for D60/D63/D64/D65:

  • The D60/D63/D64/D65 package will be named as “off-peak hour Teletalk Internet package“.
  • Pay per use rate will be applicable for the D60/D63/D64/D65 subscriber during 18:01 hrs to 23:59 hrs, if the subscriber does not subscribe any other regular data package.
  • D60/D63/D64/D65 Subscriber can subscribe more than one data package at a time. If the subscriber subscribes off-peak hour Teletalk Internet package and any other 24 hours data package simultaneously, then data will be charged from off-peak hour package during 00:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs and from regular data package from 18:01 hrs to 23:59 hrs. If off-peak data pack is exhausted, regular data pack will be activated for 24 hours.
  • 15% VAT will be included.

Finally, We hope that you have successfully understood about the Teletalk Internet Package. Do you have any Question about Teletalk 3G Internet Package or Teletalk 23G Internet Package? If yes, Please feel free to ask here by using the below comment box or with our contact us form. After reviewing your Query, we will Reply you back soon. Thank you for being with us.

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