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Welcome to Royal Express Ticket Counter Mobile Number & Address! Royal Express is a popular bus service in Bangladesh. Royal Express has AC / non-AC benefits in different districts of Dhaka. Their services are located on different routes of the country, including the Dhaka-Chuadanga route. By providing the highest standard of service, they can reach the peak of development by winning the hearts of people today. They got very popular with Man CLA 280 cars, yes, I was talking about the Royal Express. Identity not in the name of the service.

So don’t feel any confusion about this trip. Royal Paribahan provides both AC and non-AC services. The AC buses of Royal Express are of high quality. This bus is not available on all routes though. People from all the districts where the bus operates can definitely use the Royal Paribahan bus. Collect all the information of Royal Express Bus from below.

Royal Express Ticket Counter Mobile Number

Royal Express Route Address Details:

  • Dhaka-Chuadanga-Alamdanga
  • Dhaka-Chuadanga-Waliipur-Asmankhali-Hatbolia
  • Dhaka-Chuadanga-Meherpur-Mujibnagar
  • Dhaka-Chuadanga-Damurhuda-Darshana
  • Dhaka-Jhenaidah-Kaliganj-Kotchandpur-Jibananagar-Darshana-Carpasadanga
  • Dhaka-Jhenaidah-Maheshpur-Chougacha
  • Chattagram-Dakha-Chuadanga / Meherpur / Darshan

Royal Express Ticket Counter Mobile Number & Address

We have described here in detail the address and mobile number of the ticket counters of all the districts of Royal Express bus travel. If you do not know the ticket counter number and address of Royal Transport. But first we suggest you read this post in full. If you read this post, you will understand all the counter addresses and mobile numbers of Royal Express Bus. Book tickets by calling the contact number at your nearest ticket counter.

Chittagong Bookings Contact Number & Address:

  • Ornament 1: -01770184106,019939573401011919952292
  • Ornament 2: -01675629767
  • Khan Khan: -01833-004430
  • BTRC: -01869-299601
  • Beijing Bostami: -01711-735349
  • Navy gate: -01684-957512
  • Freeport: -016712-346783
  • Bar Auliya: -01671-684534
  • Bhatiyari: -01919-654828
  • Feni Mahipal: -01674-555388

Dhaka Bookings Contact Number & Address:

  • Gabtali: -02-9020088
  • Gabtali Bus Terminal: -01775-11332001975-113320
  • Mazar Road: -01730-465507,01970-465507
  • Magura and Jessore booking: –
  • Magura: -01756-992767,01993-957341
  • Chougacha: -01756-99202001013-957340

Jhenaidah Bookings Contact Number & Address:

  • Jhenaidah: -0451-63160,01775-11332501730-465506
  • Khalishpur: -01730-465503
  • Maheshpur: -01756-990101901013-957339
  • Kotchandpur: -01730-465504
  • Kaliganj: -01730-465505

Meherpur Bookings Contact Number & Address:

  • Nimtala: -0791-63054,01775-11333
  • Mujibnagar: -01775-113322

Baking Chuadanga Contact Number & Address:

  • Darshan: -01730465501
  • Jiban Nagar: -01730465502
  • Carpasdanga: -01756-992214
  • Damurhuda: -01756-993019
  • Chuadanga Bara Bazar: -0761-63887,01775-1133210101775-113321
  • Chuadanga Bus Terminal: -0761-81011
  • Alamdanga: -07622-5679201775-113324
  • Valayur junction: -01775-11338
  • Ashmanakhali: -01775-11339
  • Hat Boalia: -01775-113300

We always try to provide the latest information. Any company can change its counters/phone numbers anytime. If a company does this and we have a mistake in the information provided, we are sincerely sorry. We want to cooperate with you and the relevant Transport Officer for the correct information. And if you need a counter number for a particular place, then comment below this post. Thank you.

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