Robi Unlimited FnF!

Great News! ROBI Customer can now enjoy Unlimited FNF (Friends and Family) in a package.
All ROBI Prepaid Customer can Enjoy This Offer for lifetime Validity.
No Hidden charge and Recharge Capacity.
Details about this Offer:
1. Any ROBI prepaid customers (except UDDOKA, Easy load/PCO, SME, and Corporate) can migrate to this prepaid package by dialing *8999*90#.
2. Subscribers are eligible to subscribe for UNLIMITED FNF numbers.
3. There is lifetime validity for the FNF numbers.
4. The tariff plan for the FNF numbers is as follows:
a. ROBI – ROBI = 1 p/sec (from 5 pm to 12 midnight)
b. ROBI – ROBI = 0.5 p/sec (from 12 midnight to 5 pm)
c. ROBI -Others = 1 p/sec (24 hours)
5. The base tariff will be a flat 2 p/sec (24 hours) for all numbers.
Other General Conditions
To Add FNF number(s)-
Type, A first-number-to-be-added second-number-to-be-added third-number-to-be-added and send to 8363;
Example: A 018xxxxxxxx 017xxxxxxxx 019xxxxxxxx to 8363.
To Delete FNF number-
D number-to-be-deleted to 8363;
Example: D 018xxxxxxxx to 8363.
To know FNF number(s)-
Type F in the message option and send 8363.
For Any help or to get all information type, H and send to 8363.
You can Also Add, Delete FNF from ROBI E-care full free. Just Visit:
– Subscribers can migrate out to any other packages using the respective migration codes.
– Base tariff and FNF Tariff:
a. Applicable to local numbers only
b. Pulse is 1 sec
– For FNF numbers, subscribers need to:
a. Dial *140# and follow instructions thereafter, OR
b. Send SMS to 8363 as follows:
– A maximum of 80 FNF numbers can be configured.
– Charges of any other services will remain as per the standard rate.
– 15% VAT applicable for all the tariffs.