Robi Tips and Tricks (Know More)

Service concept

Robi Tips & Tricks service contains various kinds of season & event wise style & fashion tips, beauty tips for boys and girls,local&foreign recipe tips,useful health tips like diet tips, first aid tips &exercise tips etc. by famous celebrity Sharmin Nahar Lucky. Subscribers can subscribe this service for a subscription fee and avail the content. The below contents are currently available:

1.  Style & Fashion tips
2.  Beauty tips
3.  Local&foreign food recipe
4.  Health tips like diet, first aid, exercise tips


Service Type



Subscription Request

Subscriber can subscribe the service through SMS, IVR & USSD.

  • IVR: Interested subscriber can subscribe to the service from IVR. Subscriber will dial 21257 and in welcome prompt subscriber will be instructed regarding the IVR subscription of the service. Subscriber needs to follow the instruction to subscribe the service.
  • SMS: Subscriber can avail the service sending SMS. Format is given below.
 Category Type  Short Code  USSD Direct Dialing
Style/Fashion START<>STL 21257 *21257*1*1#
Beauty Tips START<>BTP *21257*2*1#
Food & Recipe START<>FD *21257*3*1#
Health Tips START<>HT *21257*4*1#

Subscribers can also avail the SMS services through USSD by dialing *21257#& following instruction.


IVR Subscription fee &listening to content

Upon getting subscription request, system will charge subscriber the subscription fee and accordingly subscription process will be completed. After successful subscription subscriber will be notified accordingly and subscriber will be able to listen contents over IVR by dialing 21257.


SMS Subscription fee

SMS subscription/un-subscription is free for content. For service SMS, charge is tk. 2.30/SMS per day.


Un-subscription Request
  •  IVR: Subscribers can unsubscribe to the service from IVR. Subscriber will dial 21257& follow the instruction.
  •  SMS & USSD: Subscribers can unsubscribe the service sending SMS& dialing USSD code. Format is given below.
Category Type Port USSD Direct Dialing
Style/Fashion STOP<>STL 21257 *21257*1*2#
Beauty Tips STOP<>BTP *21257*2*2#
Food & Recipe STOP<>FD *21257*3*2#
Health Tips STOP<>HT *21257*4*2#
All Service STOP<>All N/A
All Service 1111 N/A

Subscribers can also disable the SMS services through USSD by dialing *21257#& following instructions.


IVR Tariff Plan
Particular Weekly Bi-Weekly Monthly
Subscription Fee (BDT) Without VAT 5.00 10.00 20.00
Subscription Fee (BDT) With VAT 5.75 11.50 23.00
Validity (Day) 7 15 30
IVR content browsing Minute 50 120 120


Service related other important information
  •  No opt-in and opt-out charge will be applicable.
  •  Service will be continued until deactivated by the user.