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Robi SMS Bundle Offer 2021 – All Robi SMS Offer (Any Operator)

Welcome to the Robi SMS Bundle Offer 2021! All Robi Customers are Now Eligible to Buy SMS Pack to Send SMS Robi to Robi Number and Robi to Others (Any Operator) Local Number 24 Hours. Some Special Event like the EID, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Happy New year, Pohela Boishakh and Some other celebration is available where People Send Wish Message to their Dearest and Nearest person.

When a Robi customer reads, this content will get a complete concept about an SMS offer of Robi. Package name, validity, price, activation code, and balance code are available for the customers. If you Want to Wish someone on these Days, you can just Active a Robi SMS Bundle Pack from the below one.

Robi to Robi SMS Bundle Pack 2021:

The percentage of activating old SMS packs like only SMS pack activation report is very low. People want to activate the SMS pack of Robi who is valid for 30 days and can send to any number.

Package Name Validity Activation Code
180 SMS 5 TK 30 Days *123*2*7*1#
450 SMS 10 TK 30 Days *123*2*7*2#
1400 SMS 20 TK 30 Days *123*2*7*3#
  • 100 SMS 5 TK for 2 Days Any Time Usage (Dial *8666*5555# to Activate)
  • 10 SMS 1 TK for 1 Hours Any Time Usage (Dial *8666*1# to Activate)
  • 2000 SMS 130 TK for 28 Days Any Time Usage (Dial *8666*1500# to Activate)
  • 1000 SMS 25 TK 30 days (12 AM to 06 AM) Time Usage (Dial *8666*25# to Activate)

Robi to Others Number SMS Bundle Offer Pack:

  • 100 SMS 10 TK for 1 Day (Dial *8666*1000# to Activate)
  • 1000 SMS 173 TK for 28 Days (Dial *8666*2000# to Activate)

Robi to Robi and Robi to Others SMS Bundle Offer Pack:

  • 40 SMS (20 Robi to Robi and 20 Robi to Others) 3 TK for 1 Day (Dial *8666*40# to Activate)

Robi SMS Offer Code:

200 (Any Operator) 5 Tk. *123*2*7*1# 30 Day
200 (Prepaid) 10 Tk. *123*6*5*6# 3 Days
250 (Robi to Robi/Airtel) 15 Tk. *8666*07# 7 Days
350 SMS + 60 MB 15 Tk. *123*6*6*4# 3 Days
400 SMS (Any Operator) 12.18 Tk. *123*6*5*6# 1 Days

If we receive any update about Robi SMS Bundle Offer Pack 2021, We will inform You soon on here. Thank you for being with us on here.

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