Robi Come Back (Win Back) Bonus- February 2015

On Tk. 18 or Tk. 68 recharge silent prepaid customers will be able to enjoy unlimited bonus and special call-rates:

Unlimited Bonus

Subscribers will receive unlimited bonus talk-time and SMS as they will use!!!

• For every chargeable minute call to any Robi number, get another Robi-Robi minute free.
• For every chargeable SMS to any Robi number, get another Robi-Robi SMS free.
• 50% internet bonus on purchase of every regular internet pack (except 4 MB and 25 MB internet packs)

Special Call Rate

Postpaid win-back subscribers will enjoy the special tariff mentioned below:

• 1p/sec to all local numbers for 24 hours (if Tk. 18/68 is not recharged, regular flat tariff of 15p/10sec for 24 hours will prevail).

Validities of unlimited bonus and special call-rate are 7 days in case of Tk. 18 recharge (from the recharge day) and 30 days in case of Tk. 68 recharge (from the recharge day).

Details of the Bonus Features

• Bonus minutes/SMS can be used on the same day, except the peak hours.
Peak hour time-band = 17:00 hrs (5:00 PM) to 22:00 hrs (10:00 PM)
• To check bonus minutes/SMS, dial *222*18#.
• For bonus minutes, 10 sec pulse is applicable.
• Validity of the normal standard internet pack will prevail.
• Internet bonus disbursement will require a maximum of 72 hours.
• To check internet bonus, dial *8444*88#.

Other Conditions

• Customers will get this unlimited bonus and special tariff within 72 hours of using their Robi prepaid numbers (except SME, Uddokta, and Easyload).
• Silent customers can be reactivated with any outgoing calls, SMS, or any other revenue-generating activities from their silent SIMs.
• To check eligibility, customers can send free SMS from any Robi numbers in the following format: A 018XXXXXXXX to 8050.
• VAT applicable for all charges.
• This offer will continue until further notice.

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