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Robi 10GB Internet Bonus Offer

    Robi 10GB Internet Bonus Offer! Welcome to Robi 1.5GB Internet 101TK with 10GB Internet surprise Offer. All the Robi prepaid customer are eligible to enjoy Robi 1.5GB Internet 101TK Offer on 10GB Internet bonus. If you are a Robi prepaid customer and you want to activate Robi 1.5GB Internet 101TK, Dear Robi Connection customer no tension we provide that how can activate this Internet Offer, just continue reading these full articles:

    Robi Offer

    Robi 10GB Internet Bonus Offer Details:

    • The Robi Customer gets 10GB Internet Bonus, The Customer needs to activate 1.5GB Internet 101TK Recharge.
    • VAT + SD + SC will be Applicable for this Internet Offer.
    • The customer can get Robi 10 GB free internet only one time during the offer period.
    • The Validity of Robi 1.5GB Internet 101TK and Robi 10 GB Internet bonus offer 7 days.
    • To check the remaining balance of Robi 10 GB Free Internet offer, just dial *123*3*5# or *8444*88#.
    • Customers can use Robi 1.5GB & 10 GB Free Internet 24 hours.
    • Both 2G/3G area networks and uses times 24 hours.
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    Finally, we hope that you have understood about Robi 10GB Internet Bonus Offer full concepts. Do you have any question about Robi 1.5GB Internet package on 10Gb Internet Bonus Offer, just comment here? We will try to solve your problem very soon. Thanks for staying with us.