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Oppo Brings 5G Supported Reno Flagship

    Recently, Oppo announced their new flagship phone Reno. This is their true flagship phone after last year’s Find X There is no deficiency in the specification of the phone. Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 855 chipset with 48-megapixel flagship sensors will be on the phone. There are also 10 times optical zoom facilities as an additional payment. And yes, it does not contain any notes or holes. Rather, the whole part of the front is covered with the display.

    However, the problem of front camera problem is the pop-up selfie camera. There’s flash with it. As well as its pop up module is a little different. Its pop-up module is open in triangular form. Despite having such a large pop-up module, it does not have infrared sensors or special face unlocking the hardware. Its fingerprint sensor and display are located in the middle.

    Another big thing among these flagship features is that the phone will support the fifth-generation or 5G network. Its display is an inlaid panel of 6.6 inches. A 10x Zoom Camera is located next to the main camera and UltraWide camera. Apart from Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC, it supports Oppo famous VOOC flash charging.

    A midrange variant of the phone will be available, which will have a smaller display, Snapdragon 710 processor, and there will be no 10x zoom function. The Reno phone will be available in three storage options at 6/128 GB, 6/256 GB, and 8/128 GB. The normal Reno’s base model will cost $ 450. On the other hand, the value of the 10-pin zoom lens variant will start from $ 600.