Nilsagor Express Train Schedule 2021, Ticket Price, Stop Station & Off Day

Nilsagar Express Train Schedule 2021! Would you like to travel on the Nilesagar Express? Or follow our registration to find out the schedule of Nilsagar Express, ticket price, and what facilities are available for passengers on the train. We will link all the information about the Nilsagor Express train to our website from which you can know about the train.

The Nilsagar Express train is the Dhaka North District Nilphamari Intercity Train. The train runs regularly from the capital Dhaka to the Chilahati railway station on the border of Nilphamari district. The Nilsagar Express train was launched on the Nilphamari route from Dhaka in December 2007. The locomotive and rack of the Nilsagor Express train are imported from Indonesia. Each of the trains is made with CCTV cameras and sophisticated technology. So in case of any untoward incident in the train, the train authorities immediately resolve it. So you can safely travel on the Nilsagar Express train.

Nilsagar Express Train Schedule 2021

The Nilsagar Express train from Dhaka Airport Railway Station reaches Nilphamari and Chilahati stations. We will give schedule details at all stations from Dhaka to Chilahati.

Train Number: 765
Train Route: Dhaka Cantonment – Nilphamari – Chilahati
Starting Station: Dhaka Cantonment
Starting Time: 08:15
Destination Station: Nilphamari – Chilahati
Arrival Time: 17:20
Time Taken: 9 Hours 5 Minute

Dhaka To Chilahati (Nilphamari) stoppage station

If you want to travel from Dhaka on the Nilsagor Express train: Nilphamari-Domar, Chilahati, Parbatipur, then you can collect tickets from Airport Railway Station.

tation Name Arrival Time Departure Time Time Taken From Start
Dhaka Biman Bandor 08:24 08:28 0 Hours 9 Minutes
Joydebpur 09:00 09:30 0 Hours 45 Minutes
Tangail 10:28 10:31 2 Hours 13 Minutes
Ibrahimabad 10:51 11:01 2 Hours 36 Minutes
Natore 13:07 13:10 4 Hours 52 Minutes
Ahasangonj 13:33 13:36 5 Hours 18 Minutes
Shantahar 14:00 14:05 5 Hours 45 Minutes
Akkelpur 14:26 14:28 6 Hours 11 Minutes
Joypurhat 14:44 14:48 6 Hours 29 Minutes
Birampur 15:19 15:22 7 Hours 4 Minutes
Fulbari 15:34 15:37 7 Hours 19 Minutes
Parbatipur 16:05 16:15 7 Hours 50 Minutes
Syedpur 16:36 16:40 8 Hours 21 Minutes
Nilphamari 17:20 9 Hours 5 Minutes

Nilsagar Express train ticket price 2021

Tickets for the Nilsagar Express train are priced in 6 categories. The seats on the train are luxurious and comfortable. AC has non-AC and cabin facilities. If you want to buy tickets for the Nilsagor Express train online, then you need to collect tickets on the official website of Bangladesh Railway.

Category Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 360
Shuvon Chair 435
1st Seat 575
Snigdha 720
1st berth 865
AC Berth 1295

Chilahati (Nilphamari) To Dhaka Tarun code

If you take the Nilsagar Express train from Chilahati or Nilphamari to Dhaka, you must remember the train number and also know when the train leaves Chilahati for Dhaka.

Train Number: 766
Train Route: Chilahati – Nilphamari – Dhaka Cantonment
Starting Station: Chilahati (Nilphamari)
Starting Time: 22:45
Destination Station: Dhaka Cantonment
Arrival Time: 07:30
Time Taken: 8 Hours 45 Minutes

Chilahati To Dhaka Stoppage Station

The Nilsagar Express train stops at the stations on its way from Chilahati to Dhaka. I will give the schedule of all the stations through the table below.

Station Name Arrival Time Departure Time Time Taken From Start
Syedpur 23:21 23:30 0 Hours 36 Minutes
Parbatipur 23:50 24:00 1 Hours 5 Minutes
Fulbari 00:19 00:22 1 Hours 34 Minutes
Birampur 00:34 00:37 1 Hours 49 Minutes
Joypurhat 01:08 01:11 2 Hours 23 Minutes
Akkelpur 01:26 01:28 2 Hours 41 Minutes
Santahar 01:50 01:55 3 Hours 5 Minutes
Ahasangonj 02:20 02:23 3 Hours 35 Minutes
Natore 02:46 02:56 4 Hours 1 Minute
Ibrahimabad 05:13 05:15 6 Hours 28 Minutes
Tangail 05:35 05:38 6 Hours 50 Minutes
Joydebpur 06:40 06:43 7 Hours 55 Minutes
Dhaka Biman Bandor 07:15 07:18 8 Hours 30 Minutes
Dhaka Cantonment 07:30 8 Hours 45 Minutes

Nilsagor Express  Train Facilities

There is a place to pray on the Nilsagar Express train. You can pray during the journey if you want. The Bangladesh Railway Authority has provided healthy food and beverages for the job on the train but it will be provided to you at a limited price. The train has state-of-the-art public toilets. Since the train is made by the latest technology, the chances of an accident on the train are very low. Law enforcement is also deployed on the train so you can travel on the train without any hindrance.

I was able to help you by getting all the information about the Nilsagor Express train. So you must buy a ticket on the train. It is a punishable offense to travel by train without a train ticket. If you have any questions, please comment in our comment box. Thank you.

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