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LG G8 Release Date, Price, Specs, Features, Rumor, Specification and other information available in this post! If you are waiting to launch an LG G8 you will still have to wait a few months. The vice president of the company is redesigning the mobile. LG has not done badly its work in the field of Smartphone. LG has presented mobile more than competent in terms of quality and performance. That has not been worth the company to overcome the flight. The mobile division accumulates months of losses. This is a drag on the global company. The CEO and vice president of LG would have toned the here. The LG G8 will have, like the iPhone tenth anniversary, a screen that will occupy virtually the entire front of the device.

The truth is that just review the image that accompanies this article. We leave below where you can see more details of the possible LG G8 to realize that it will be one of the best terminals. We see that this feature takes to the extreme, resembling the iPhone more than the Samsung devices. We have to remember the rumors and leaks that indicate that the LG G8 will contemplate many of the well-criticized features. That we have seen in the LG V40. It will add to them an even more aggressive design than that of the previous generation.

LG G8 Release Date:

LG has an unbeatable opportunity to release the important Smartphone. The event will take place at the early of 2019. The firm has already confirmed that it will release its new flagship. Undoubtedly, the LG G8 will be one of the best Smartphone to appear on the market during the first weeks of 2019. The most recent information indicates that the LG G8 could officially present between first three months of 2019. The truth is that the first leaks about this device make us think big. Previously, we had already analyzed 5 features of the LG G8. That we wanted to see in this device, and now a video concept has appeared that shows its possible design.

LG G8 Full Specifications:

This LG G8 incorporates sound ‘Boombox’, which we heard for the first time when ‘Judy’ was leaked. This sound based on a DTS-X certification that in theory would allow “high resonance when the device is on any surface. Other queries and searches of users regarding these issues have to do directly with the following iPhone X waterproof system. The iPhone 8 plus is submersible, photos under the water iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 plus is rugged to the water. The more observant you will already have noticed that in the upper part we find two cameras.

Probably one of these sensors acts as an iris recognition system. Since this terminal will be the first in the family to have a system of this type. The new flagship of LG will have a configuration of 39 MP double rear cameras with optical glass elements. The front sensors would be 23 MP and opening f / 1.6 in both objectives. It also does not lack water and IP68 dust consistency along with a martial level classification for durability. Lastly, wireless charging and IA capabilities are mentioned for your camera.

In the lower part, we will find the USB Type C input. While in the upper part, we will have the 3.5 mm audio connector. On the left edge, we find the volume keys while on the right the on/off key on the terminal. A feature that we are already convinced that we would see in the LG G8. That will be not present in the LG G7 has to do with the iris scanner, matching in this way what the Galaxy S8 showed last year. Everything indicates that unlike the flagship of the Samsung.

The transfer of the fingerprint reader will be from LG to the back. It will not take this element to one of the sides but will keep it in the center.  In the concept of the next LG G8, a textured glass back cover is quite noticeable. It is shown in striking colors such as silver, light blue, and ruby red. Following the line marked by the LG G6, we can see a rear camera, the dual sensor with the horizontal arrangement. This camera position we also see in the recent LG V40 so the concept could be right.

LG G8 Rumors:

This MWC 2018 was the first where LG did not show the renewal of its high range, the LG G series. However, we met an update to the LG V series with the announcement of the LG V40. Well, that was what we all believed, since today it announced that LG had a private presentation. The company will release LG G8 device after this year. No doubt, it is a surprise and nobody knows why LG did not decide to officially announce the LG G8 Neo.

Some say that because the device is not yet ready. It was a prototype, while others say that this G8 will not see the light. It may replace the LG ‘Judy’ when it will announce during the summer. The information comes from rumors that supposedly obtained a video from someone inside the presentation. There you can see the LG G8 on an exhibition table next to its technical sheet

LG G8 Design:

t is the front where it looks more spectacular at the concept of the next LG G8. Thanks to the information known today, we can also confirm the inclusion of a 6.0-inch with full OLED screen. The resolution with curved edges 3D display is a format of 18: 10 aspect ratios. A percentage of the front part is greater than 90 %. It will allow this large panel to integrate into a compact body. 6-inch OLED screen would have 3130 x 1440-pixel resolution. The display technology that also consumes approximately 35% less energy than a standard IPS LCD screens. That makes it more elongated than the LG G7 and V40 getting closer to what is shown by the Essential and it’s 19:10 aspect ratio.

The interesting part of this aspect ratio is that the screen integrates a ‘notch’ but adapted in the form of a second screen. That reminds us LG V20. The ‘notch’ is able to hide by software. It enables that part of the screen as a notification bar. It seems a good and attractive solution for this fashion seems to have reached Android to stay. The design will be with 3M glass and fingerprint sensor under the cameras. Precisely the cameras are the ones that have a small change when changing their position to vertical and flash on the left side. The fingerprint reader would be located just below said camera. That is that LG would not aim to suppress this sensor in exchange for facial recognition.

LG G8 Performance:

This LG G8 would mount an update and the fastest Snapdragon chipset with 256 GB of storage and 12 GB of RAM. That it will be one of the first to incorporate the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. Of which we do not yet know all the details. Which, despite not being the last of the latter, it will offer great performance. It will, of course, with an edge-to-edge design like the ones. That almost everyone likes. Among other details, comment LG has decided to eliminate once and for the entire modular concept. That defined the predecessor of this G8 that we will know in the next year.

The new LG flagship will dispense with one of the most iconic details of the signature. For the battery configuration, LG G8 may not have a removable battery. Due for the most part to the choice of glass for the manufacture of its back, which will allow the device, be resistant to water. So we will keep waiting, hoping that everything commented above will be confirmed. The glass finish is almost mandatory in the high-end Android, for the matter of fast charging. For the rest, the LG G8could perfectly has that finish, and become one of the best-designed Android phones of 2019.

LG G8 Price:

Rumors suggested about LG G8 price may be in the range of $800 to $900. To finish, we will talk about the bevels. In the case of the lateral, ones they are very thin almost nonexistent. However, in the upper and lower part we find some thin frames. Here both the front camera and dual front speakers will be located. This last thing to be confirmed would be a great novelty that will please more than one.

If this rendering were true on the appearance of the LG G8 we would be facing the evolution in the design of the signature. A change will accept and that we hope will be true. It would give a fresher and more current air to the mobile. As always, we recommend that you take with some assumption this information and photographs about the device. As many are not confirmed by the LG itself and may not be exact.

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