How To Set/Add/Delete/Change/Check Robi FnF/Super FnF/Partner

The Friends & Family (FnF) feature allows Robi subscribers to talk to their selected numbers at a reduced call rate and the Partner number allows even more benefits. So, just follow the following simple steps to set FnF and Partner numbers and enjoy fantastic call rates and benefits!

How to Set FnF and Partner Numbers:

1. Dial *140#, select ‘FnF & Partner’ and follow instructions thereafter

2. SMS to 8363 (8FNF) as follows:

To SMS Format Example
Add FnF numbers A FnF numbers A 018xxxxxxxx 017xxxxxxxx 019xxxxxxxx
Add Partner number P Priyo (Partner) Number P 018xxxxxxxx
Delete FnF and Partner number D number (to be deleted) D 018xxxxxxxx
To know FnF and Partner number(s) F F
To know about the whole process H H


– Maximum of 3 numbers can be added as FnF with 1 SMS
– Maximum 1 number can be added as Partner with 1 SMS
– Maximum 1 number can be deleted from FnF and Partner list with 1 SMS
– Each FnF & Partner number can be changed after 15 days
– SMS will be free of cost.