What Day is Halloween 2019 | How to Celebrate Halloween Day 2019

Halloween Day 2019! If you’re looking for some good old Halloween fun, the prater fairground if the place to be this Thursday, October 31, 2019. Every year it is widely celebrated around the world on 31st October. The annual Halloween event at Prater is back, offering a whole day full of special events at the numerous attractions throughout the Wurstelprater.

For example, there will be ‘Horror-Food’ being served up at the Rollercoaster Restaurant, a make-up station for kids at the Luftburg restaurant, a horror labyrinth, a family ghost train, a disco bowling horror party and of course the infamous Halloween parade which you can take part in (if you dress up!). This will see hundreds of people mummies, monsters and other freaky nightmarish stuff marching through the prater! Check the rest of the program.

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Halloween Day History:

The oldest known source of Halloween origination is Celtic Samhain Festival which was celebrated by Gaels, Irish, Scottish, Manx, and Wiccans back about 2,000 years. Nowadays, that ancient Samhain festival Christianized as today’s Halloween by the early church and became a popular Christian Holiday. However, the modern day’s Helloween celebration is separate from ancient festivals like Samhain.

Origin of the word Halloween:

The word Halloween or Hallowe’en has a Christian origin dating back to 1745. Hallowe’en means Saints evening and “Hallow” by itself means saints. “Even” means Eve to the Scottish and hence it was later shortened to just “e’en” or “een”. So in time Hallow Even was changed to Hallowe’en and eventually to Halloween.

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halloween Day 2019

How to Celebrate Happy Halloween Day 2019?

Here are some creative ideas about how to celebrate Halloween day and add more humourous fun to this special occasion.

  • Must buy lots of pumpkins and make a wicked Halloween decoration to win over the society.
  • Send Happy Halloween Greeting cards to your family and friends filled with some witty words.
  • To try something new you can skip Halloween Candies and bake some Monster Cookies to give as gifts.
  • Be creative with your Holiday games and arrange a theme game to enjoy the day most.
  • Search in Google to learn some really surprising tricks either get ready to serve treats.
  • Think about something different and prepare a Halloween costume for yourself that will outstand from all.
  • Host a special Halloween party and welcome your guests by doing the scariest prank.
  • Make a video of your Halloween celebration and share on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with your near and dear ones.
  • Pick up the perfect gourds to transform into Jack-o’-lantern.
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