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Grameenphone Their Khushi Handset Distribution with BRAC

Grameenphone Their Khushi Handset Distribution with BRAC

In today’s world, internet is a blessing in people’s daily lives as it is the best platform to bring the world to fingertips. The recent evolution of smartphones has made it even easier and more joyful. You are probably the luckiest ones to reap the internet’s benefits as part of life with perhaps more than a single phone or an extra in your drawer that is not in use! May be you had wanted to sell that extra phone, but didn’t for some reason. That “reason” probably had a hidden meaning in someone else’s life!

Have you ever thought about the many individuals with immense potential who may have been benefitted significantly had they been blessed with an internet enabled phone to explore the world and make better use of their skills and move ahead in life? What if, you just give away your extra phone that probably doesn’t have any value in your lives anymore but can be of tremendous value, or be the most powerful gift to someone in need? Why not do something during the Holy month of Ramadan that will change someone else’ life for good?

Grameenphone has initiated a campaign named #theirkhushi where you can give away your extra internet enabled phone, while Grameenphone, with the help of BRAC, will ensure that the donated phone with one year free internet reaches individuals with great potential to progress in life.

Let’s come forward with this great initiative and donate your extra phone and make this Eid even more meaningful!

What is the campaign?

‘Dewar Khushi/ Joy of giving’ is a major theamtic campaign of Grameenphone during ramadan and Eid- Ul-Fitre. It is the campaign to demonstrate that Grameenphone not only preaches its Go beyond brand promise but also lives it by helpling people to go beyond . In the campign Grameenphone will launch communications to urge/motivate people to contribute their used/any internet enabled handsets to Grameenphone. Grameenphone will do some basic refurbishment of the handsets and then with the help of a non-business organization (brac) will give out the handsets to people who are in need of handsets and internet; in whose life having an internet enabled handset can make a difference and help them to go beyond.

Who can contribute the handsets?

What kind of handsets will be taken?

Can anyone give handset without charger/battery?

What is the Process of Handset contribution?

What will be the done with the contribution form and Photo ID?

Who is the Partner for this campaign with Grameenphone?

What Grameenphone will do with the mobile?

What are the other criteria’s to be a beneficiary of the handset?

How will the beneficiary get the free internet?

How long customers will be able to take the free data benefit?

What will be the auto renew procedure & timeline for existing 3G customer who will receive this free data?

How the customers will be able to check the remaining data balance?

What is the collection period?

How will GP ensure transparency in the process?

What will be the responsibility of GP after the contribution of the handsets?

If anyone does not go any GPC/GPCF can he/she still be able to contribute any handsets?

What will be the process for Handset contribution in ground collection?

What will be the campaign period?

Will there be warrantee of the handsets?

Will GP itself contribute any handsets?

Apart from individuals can others contribute handsets?

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