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GP Social Internet Package Offer

    GP Social Internet Package is very popular Internet Package at this time. All the GP Internet users are now Enjoying Social Pack for using Facebook, Messenger and all other Services. Read more details from the below about GP Social Internet Package.

    GP Social Internet Package:

    Package Name Price Validity Activation Code
    Daily Social Pack 3 Taka 1 day *500*301#
    Weekly Social Pack 9 Taka 7 days *500*302#

    Terms & Conditions:

    • To activate packages dial above-mentioned code or dial *5000# and select 8
    • Customers will be able to access non-stop Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp & comoYo through the social packs
    • Customers need to access the aforementioned utilities through regular Facebook & Facebook Messenger applications (Java, iOS, Android), through the mobile site (,, WhatsApp & comodo applications.
    • Customers accessing these utilities through any proxy-based browsers will be charged at the rate of BDT 0.01/10 KB rate
    • Customers have to browse and through default browser of their handsets.
    • To check internet balance, please dial *567#
    • Usage outside of, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp & comoYo will be charged at the rate of 0.01 Taka /10KB. The extra usage fee will be capped at 200 Taka
    • Customers under 3G coverage will get up to 1 Mbps speed for all packages except otherwise mentioned
    • Customers not under 3G coverage and without a 3G enabled device will experience the maximum available 2G speeds
    • Fair usage policy applies to both the social packages. FUP limit is 20MB for daily package & 60MB for the weekly package. Once customers’ reach the FUP limit, the speed will be throttled to 128 kbps
    • Speeds tiers refer to the maximum ceiling of the respective speed tier. Average likely speed will depend on multiple factors such as handset used, website visited, distance from BTS, time of the day, etc
    • All GP prepaid customers can avail the social packages
    • Auto-renewal applicable. To stop auto-renewal, SMS OFF to 5000 (SMS charge is not applicable)
    • 15% VAT applicable to the package prices