Grameenphone 3G Coverage Area, Map, 3G Service, Package, Internet Plan and All Details Features

What is 3G?

  • 3G refers to the third generation of wireless technology.
  • The 3G network enabled you to make video calls, watch live TV, access high speed internet and enjoy live streaming for an enhanced mobile internet experience.


What are the benefits of 3G?

With 3G you should be able to do the following

  • Multimedia streaming & download
  • High speed mobile broadband
  • Video calling
  • Live streaming TV
  • Download of large email attachments very fast
  • Video call conference

Is 3G Different from 2G?

Yes, Grameenphone 3G is different from 2G. Grameenphone 3G network will run on best in class HSPA technology to give you access to high speed internet, video call and richer multimedia experience within 3G coverage area.

What are the prerequisites of 3G high speed data?

3G can be experienced as long the subscriber has opted in for a 3G data pack over a 3G compatible mobile handset or dongle and within 3G coverage areas.

Service Related

Do I need a separate SIM card to use 3G services?

No, the existing SIM card will work absolutely fine for you if you have a 3G compatible phone & connected to GP 3G networks.

Will 3G services work in Prepaid & Postpaid both?

Yes, 3G services will work both in the Pre & Post paid connections.

How much data will be consumed if I make a video call?

Video call does not use data channels on GP 3G network but accesses voice channels. Therefore, you will not be consuming any data rather get billed according to the number of minutes or pulses spoken multiplied by the rate per minute.

What should I do when I am unable to make a video call despite of having the required handset & also being in GP 3G network connected?

To make a video call, it is necessary for both the parties to have a 3G phone with video calling capability & also both need to be connected on 3G network. So, in such a situation, you need to check if the person you are trying to call also have a video compatible 3G phone & s/he is connected to 3G network. If all the required conditions are fulfilled and still the video call is not established, then customer will call our GP customer care service.

What type of packages is GP offering for 3G?

Please find details at

If I once opt for 3G, my 2G plans will be cancelled? What if I want to switch back to 2G after opting for 3G?

No. GP 3G data plans can be used on 2G network too. Even after activating 3G, you can activate 2G data pack and can enjoy data services on 2G network. e.g., GP 2G 1GB data pack (tk.300) will also work on 3G network but at 2G speed.

The data usage is calculated for Downloading or Uploading or for both?

The data usage is calculated both for downloading and uploading together.

What happens when I move out of 3G Coverage?

When you move out of 3G coverage, you will be transferred seamlessly to GPRS or EDGE depending on the service availability of the base station you have been locked into, subject to handset configurations.

If I move from 3G coverage to GPRS coverage, what will happen to my data session?

The data sessions in progress will not be broken but you may feel a slower data speed available under EDGE or GPRS.

How I can activate the 3G packages?

You can activate all packages through SMS, USSD, E Care, Mobile App and also from taking support from our customers service.

How I can check his/her 3G balance and consumption?

You just have to dial *500*60# to check remaining balance for volume based packages and *500*61# for all Unlimited and Smart plans to check used 3G Internet volume.

Will my unused data volume (MBs/GBs) carry over to the next month while auto renewal?

Yes, volume will be carry forwarded for all volume based packages only for prepaid customers. But for postpaid connections, volume can be used only within the validity period.

Have all the packages auto renewal with ON/OFF feature?

Yes, auto renewal with ON/OFF feature is available for all the packages.

Will I get volume notifications and auto renewal reminder SMS for 3G package like the current 2G packs?

Yes, all 3G packages will have volume notifications and auto renewal reminders same as 2G/EDGE packages. So, you will get both the volume notifications and auto renewal reminder SMS also for 3G packages.

Can I migrate to 3G packs directly from 2G packages or 3G to 2G packages or 2G to 2G or 3G to 3G?

Yes, you can. But you will need a Y confirmation SMS to migrate from one package to another package. This change will be applicable for existing 2G package migrations as well.

Can I instantly stop 3G packages?

Yes. You can instantly stop 3G package just by sending stop to 5000.

Can I view details of 3G packages in E-Care?

Yes, you will be able to see details of 3G packages in E-care just like EDGE packages.

If my SIM card does not support 3G will I get a free SIM replacement?

Yes, you will get a free replacement SIM from any Grameenphone Center.

What will be the charging modality for Postpaid 3G packages?

For all post paid 3G packages including all unlimited packages system will charge upfront.

What will be the fair usage policy for 3G unlimited and smart plan packages?

For unlimited packs and Smart plan, FUP will be at 128kbps after reaching their respective Fair Usage quota which has been mentioned in the package chart.

Is it possible to make international 3G calls (video), when the ISD destination has 3G connection?

Yes. If agreements with IGW & foreign operator available, it is possible to make international 3G call (video), when the ISD destination has 3G connection.

What will be the APNs for 3G?

It will be same as 2G.

How I can use high speed 3G service in my Blackberry handsets?

As a Blackberry user you do not need any settings rather you just have to subscribe to any 3G internet packs to enjoy high speed 3G services.

Is it possible to take 2G (EDGE) / 3G package in parallel?

No, it will not be possible to take 2G (EDGE) / 3G package in parallel.

Device Related

Which handsets are compatible with 3G network?

Definitely all smart phones are compatible with 3G network but every smart phone, despite being expensive, may not support all features of 3G. Because manufacturers are at their own discretion develop mobile stations with versatile features. Technically, R99, HSPA and HSPA+ supported handsets are compatible with 3G network. Theoretically, all 3G enabled smart devices should support voice & data with different speed level. But all handsets do not support default video telephony service. However, applications like Skype can remedy such limitations.

How I will understand that my handset is 3G compatible?

When you are in a GP 3G network area & if your handset shows “3G” or “H” on the top of the screen next to the network signal bars, it means that your phone is 3G compatible and you can use the 3G services. You also must ensure that the phone settings are not set to ‘2G only’. There are 2 types of handsets – WCDMA (R99) & HSPA. WCDMA or R99 devices are 3G devices but support low 3G speeds. HSPA devices are high speed devices & support any speed from 3.6mbps to 7.2mbps depending on the device. We recommend you to upgrade the handset from WCDMA to HSPA for better speeds & experience.

Do I need to configure any special settings on my phone to use 3G?

No, you do not need any additional settings to use 3G on your phone. However, you have to ensure that you are latched on to 3G network once the 3G service is activated. For this you need to select network mode to UMTS/WCDMA.

Do I need a specific type of handset for making a video call or I can use my existing 3G compatible device?

In order to make a video call, it is necessary to have a handset /device which supports video calling. However, using some applications (which are free & downloadable) will allow you to perform video call related activities (use of such applications also depends on device & OS type), even if direct video calling feature is not available in your handset.

Can I make a video call while using other operator network while roaming?

Yes, you can use all 3G services seamlessly while roaming on other operator network if we have a roaming tie-up with that particular operator & therefore you can even make video calls.

Is it necessary for both the parties to have a 3G phone & service to be able to make & receive video calls?

Yes, it is necessary for both the parties to have a 3G phone with video calling capability & they need to be connected on 3G network to make and receive video calls.

Can I connect my handset to my PC or laptop to use 3G services & access internet for faster speed?

Connecting a handset to laptop or PC is called tethering and this is definitely possible on GP 3G network if customer’s device allows/supports tethering. The charges will be applicable as per the subscribed tariff plan.

If I need a new 3G phone then do I need to purchase it only from GP or any open market handset will also work fine?

It is not necessary to purchase a 3G device only from GP; you can buy one from the open handset market but you have to ensure that it is 3G compatible for using 3G services.

How would I know whether my handset is 3G compatible or not?

When you are in a GP 3G network area & if your handset shows 3G /H/H+ (based on coverage type) on the top of the screen next to the network signal bars it means that your phone is 3G compatible & you can use the 3G services. You must also ensure that the phone settings are not set to ‘2G only’ ; alternately you can also check on the handset manufacturer’s website or the device box. Moreover, you can check the 3G compatibility of your devices from 3G Coverage Map under 3G section. 3G locations will be regularly updated there after expanding 3G coverage in any new area(s).

To check 3G speed experience there are few open software / tools available online (example:; etc ) which provide indicative picture. 3G Customers can get some idea about the internet speed using these tools. However, the speed test result also depends on factors like selection of server, device, time of test, number of simultaneous user within that site, IIG performance and many other variables. This is for customer awareness only. Grameenphone does not actively promote any of the above tools and does not take any liability due to damage upon usage of such tool on the customer’s device/smartphone etc. Upon any speed complaint by Customer, Grameenphone actively investigates the issue using its own established standard operating procedure and takes necessary measure to resolve the matter if it is found valid.

What are the advantages of 3G over 2G?

3G has superseded 2G technology and precedes 4G technology. When compared to its predecessor, 3G network coverage offers several features and improvements that 2G coverage didn’t have, including high-speed Web browsing, three-dimensional gaming and a high level of security. Because of its backward compatibility, 3G networking can do all that 2G networking could, such as digital voice, voice mail, conference calling and simple data applications, like email. Because of 3G networking’s ability to handle high-capacity data transfers, it supports features like Video conferencing and Mobile Television.

What is HSPA+ and what are its benefits?

With 10 MHz spectrum and network readiness Grameenphone is the only private operator who can launch 3.9G or HSPA+. This will ensure better user experience while using 3G network.

Why GP is using “3.9G HSPA+” technology for its customers which is not offered by other competitors in the market?

Grameenphone is building a 3G network that will ensure ample capacity and superior customer experience. Based on customers’ handset capability Grameenphone network will support basic 3G, HSPA (3.5G), Dual Carrier HSPA or HSPA+ (3.9G). With 10 MHz spectrum and network readiness Grameenphone is the only private operator who can launch 3.9G or HSPA+. This will ensure better user experience for GP customers while using GP’s 3G network.

What does it mean by E, 3G and H or 3.5G as network symbol on Mobile phones?

H or 3.5 G stands for HSPA (High Speed Packet Access). HSPA is a new generation communication protocol that allows data connections up to 14.4Mbps download speed and up to 5.8Mbps upload speed per user in good coverage and quality conditions. 3G means WCDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access) that is a 3G technology version that allows data connections up to 2 Mbps per user in good coverage and quality conditions. E stands for Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution, known as EDGE that is 2.5G technology version which can go up to a speed of 264 Kbps.

If it is possible to avail 14.4Mbps download speed per user with HSPA & 2 Mbps per user with WCDMA in good coverage and quality conditions (mentioned in the answer against Q9), then why Grameenphone’s 3G packages have a maximum speed of just 1 Mbps?

Grameenphone is aiming to ensure to consistent data speed around the committed level all over the network, and to do so a speed level that is required by majority of the users is being implemented.

What is the difference between 3G and Wi MAX?

The Wi MAX standard is used mostly only for transferring data although echo-system which supports voice using WiMAX technology is not available as of today at affordable price. A Wi MAX network is more similar in function to a large, integrated Wi-Fi network although data handover facility is there.

With widely available echo-system a 3G network is designed for both voice and data traffic with availability of seamless service while an individual is in motion.

Can I make a video call to other operator’s customer having a 3G phone connected on a 3G network?

Yes, you can make a video call in such a situation where network can be of any other operator if we have interconnectivity agreements with the operator.

Does 3G improve the voice quality automatically?

No, the voice quality is the same in 2G and 3G. It brings additional capacity to further support peak hour voice usage.

What happens when I move from 3G to 2G network?

When you move from 3G to 2G network then all the service supported on GP 3G network like video call, high speed internet access, etc will not be available. Rather you will get basic service like what you get now under 2G network. If you were on a voice call while moving from 3G to 2G network, the call will continue without any interruption.

I have not subscribed to GP 3G services, yet my phone is showing 3G. Why?

Your handset will display the 3G/3.5G symbol in areas where the service is available. But 3G plans do not get auto-activated and must be subscribed to use the services. To subscribe, you have to send SMS to 5000 typing 3G.

I experience good 3G reception during day time, but I can see only 2G during busy hours, why is it?

When number of users is getting increased, tower drops down its coverage radius to give good QoS to users, because of that some customers may get out of 3G coverage during busy hours.