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Grameenphone 10% Discount on Food

    Grameenphone 10% Discount on Food! Get great deal on Grameenphone-foodpanda Online Food Festival!! Order your favorite food from selected restaurants in Dhaka and Chittagong from 27-29th February, 2016 and get up to 50% Discount (and buy 1 Get 1 free); on top this discount Grameenphone customers will get 10% Extra Discount ( on the value after discount)

    For orders more than 1500 taka Grameenphone customers will get Extra Maximum 150 Taka discount after the general discount. VAT & other charges will be applicable with prices.

    Grameenphone customers will have to put the voucher code GPFPOFF10 while ordering the food through foodpanda website or application to avail the extra discount. The voucher code will be applicable only once for the same Grameenphone mobile number used to place the order.

    Grameenphone Offer

    The applicable restaurants are for Grameenphone 10% Discount on Food:

    No. Zone Restaurant Deal
    1 Banani Rice & Noodle BOGO on selected Set Menu
    2 Banani Wow Burger BOGO on Burgers
    3 Banani Naga Inc 35% off on all Signature Burgers
    4 Banani Chaap shamlao BOGO on selected items
    5 Banani Bitter sweet cafe 25% off on selected items
    6 Banani D Bistro 30% off on All Burger items `
    7 Banani Steak house BOGO on selected items
    8 Banani Margarita storm BOGO on ALL items
    9 Banani Iram’s Cafe 25% off on all items
    10 Banani Fajitas BOGO on Sandwiches
    11 Banani Pizza Guy Buy Any Pizza and Get 1 Margherita Pizza Free
    12 Banani Monster Foods 50% off on all Chicken Burgers
    13 Banani Dekchi 50% off on Tehari and Morog Polao
    14 Banani Glazed BOGO on ALL items
    15 Banani Peda Ting Ting BOGO on selected set meals
    16 Banani F-Cafe Flavors Buy Texas Take Over Burger and get Flavour’s Deluxe Burger Free
    17 Banani Luams BOGO on platter
    18 Banani Monster Meat FREE Green Monster Burger with order of ANY Burger
    19 Banani Khanas 30% discount on Fat mamba
    20 Banani Pizza Lover Buy any Large Pizza get the same Medium Pizza FREE
    21 Banani Platter BOGO on ANY 12″ Pizza
    22 Banani Shawarma House Gulshan Buy ANY 10″ Pizza get the same 6″ Pizza FREE
    23 Banani Time Out 25% discount on selected Items
    24 Banani La Chopsticks 30% discount on ALL Chinese items
    25 Banani Dawaat 25% discount on selected items
    26 Banani Tawa 30% discount on ALL items
    27 Banani Asian Bistro 25% off ALL items
    28 Banani Italian Pizza Hut Buy ANY 12” Pizza get same 9” Pizza FREE
    29 Banani Fujian Restaurant 30% discount on ALL items
    30 Banani Asian Taste Restaurant 25% off on ALL items
    31 Banani Le Pizzaria BOGO on Pizza
    32 Banani Meat Lovers BOGO on all Pizzas
    33 Banani Copacabana BOGO on Chicken Teriyaki
    34 Banani Safwan’s Kitchen BOGO on Meat Pizza
    35 Banani Smoke Music Cafe Buy one Large Pizza and get the same Small Pizza FREE
    36 Banani Shumi’s Hot Cake Banani 25% off selected Cakes
    37 Banani Shumi’s Hot Cake Gulshan 25% off selected Cakes
    38 Banani Pac N Cheese 50% off on ALL items
    39 Banani Sa Meh Wa Meh 50% off on ALL items
    40 Banani Japanese Restaurant Ichi 25% off on ALL items
    41 Banani Dominous Pizza 35% off on ALL items
    42 Banani Koyla 35% off on ALL items
    43 Banani Glasshouse BOGO on selected meals
    44 Banani Lakeshore Hotel Buy ANY Main Dish and get Spring Roll FREE
    45 Banani Hot Plate 25% off on ALL items
    46 Dhanmondi Nomads 25% off on all orders
    47 Dhanmondi Magvill Sweets & Bakery 50% off on ALL Items
    48 Dhanmondi American Burger Dhanmondi 30% off on ALL Burgers
    49 Dhanmondi Al fresco 40% off on all pizza and pasta
    50 Dhanmondi Chaap shamlao BOGO on selected items
    51 Dhanmondi Fajitas BOGO on Sandwich
    52 Dhanmondi Soi 3 BOGO on Happy Meal
    53 Dhanmondi Shawarma Kabasish House 40% off on selected Indian Items
    54 Dhanmondi American Burger Mohammadpur BOGO on Sizzling Trio Burger with Cheese & Tripple Cheese Sandwich
    55 Dhanmondi Bel Piatto Buy any 12” Pizza and get same 8” Pizza FREE
    56 Dhanmondi Fu Wang Shawarma 25% off on ALL Shawarma & Grill
    57 Dhanmondi Shawarma House Dhanmondi 40% off on ALL Shawarma and Pasta
    58 Dhanmondi Comic Cafe BOGO on ANY Pasta
    59 Dhanmondi Baburchi Restaurant 25% off on Thai & Chinese Cuisine
    60 Dhanmondi Glazed BOGO on ALL items
    61 Dhanmondi BnB BOGO on selected items
    62 Dhanmondi Pimiento BOGO: Buy any large pizza and get one small pizza free
    63 Dhanmondi Cilantro BOGO on selected items
    64 Dhanmondi Shumi’s Hot Cake Dhanmondi 25% off selected Cakes
    65 Uttara Shawrma House Uttara 40% off on all Burgers, Shawarma and Pasta
    66 Uttara Chaap shamlao BOGO on selected items
    67 Uttara Pizza End Buy ANY 13” Pizza get the same 8” Pizza FREE
    68 Uttara Masala Gosht 28% off on all Indian and Chinese items
    69 Uttara Fajitas – Uttara Sector 14 BOGO on Sandwich
    70 Uttara Wow Burger BOGO on Burgers
    71 Uttara Italian Pizza House Order ANY Pizza get the same 9” pizza FREE
    72 Uttara Rice & Noodle BOGO on Set Menu
    73 Uttara Lovin Oven Restaurant 50% Off on ALL items
    74 Uttara Khazana Uttara 30% off on ALL items
    75 Bailey Road Fajitas BOGO on Sandwich
    76 Bailey Road New Italian Pizza Hut 35% off on ALL Pizzas
    77 Khilgaon Basilico Buy 1 BBQ Grill Chicken Burger get one FREE
    78 Khilgaon Chaap shamlao BOGO on selected items
    79 Khilgaon Comic Cafe BOGO on ANY Pasta
    80 Khilgaon Al fresco 40% off on all pizza and pasta orders
    81 CTG Sadia’s Kitchen(GEC) 25% off on ALL Chowmein
    82 CTG Barcode 25% Off on All Italian Pizza
    83 CTG Food Drinks Restaurant 25% off on all items
    84 CTG Lingzhi Burger 25% off on all items
    85 CTG The Gallery 25% off on all items
    86 CTG Chubby Rolls 25% off on all items
    87 CTG Wok&Roll 25% off on all items
    88 CTG Da Signature Buy one 14″ Pizza and get one 14″ Pizza FREE
    89 CTG Zaitun Buy One Dosa and Get One Free
    90 CTG Haatkhola 30% off on selected items
    91 CTG Boom Town 30% off on Double Decker and Boom Spicy Burger
    92 CTG Melange 30% off on selected items
    93 CTG Super Yumm 30% off on all items
    94 CTG Dhaba Chittagong 25 % off on Dahi Fuchka
    95 CTG Arabian Broast Chicken Buy One Get One FREE on ALL Burgers and Sandwiches
    96 CTG Burger Bites 50% Off on Momo
    97 CTG Lemongrass 35% off on ALL Chinese food
    98 CTG Garlic Cafe 30% off on Garlic Chicken Tikka
    99 CTG Baburchi Restaurant-Chittagong 25% off on selected items
    100 CTG Hot Chiken 30% off on Fried Rice With Chiken Masala
    101 CTG Sarabela 30% off on ALL Chinese items

    * Grameenphone 10% Discount on Food Available in Dhaka, Chittagong city on selected restaurants

    * For orders within 1500 Tk. the discount is valid, for orders beyond 1500 Tk. GP customers will get maximum Extra 150 Tk. discount

    * For details on discounts calculation & availing process visit or

    * Grameenphone customers have to use the voucher code GPFPOFF10 to avail the discount ( can be used only once in campaign period)

    Thank you here for Grameenphone 10% Discount on Food.