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How to Stop GP Welcome Tune Service?

Dear GP Welcome tune user, Are you looking for the ways of How to Stop the GP Welcome tune Service? Here are the complete Guideline and Solution for you. We are ready to provide all kinds of necessary information related to the GP Welcome tune Service.  A large number of Welcome tune users activate Welcome tune by receiving an Offer from Grameenphone. GP maximum Times offer to their customers with some free Welcome Tune code for Free. If you already Activated the WT and currently want to cancel the Subscription, You need to read the below data and try now.

How to Stop GP welcome Tune by SMS?

The GP Welcome tune users can cancel their Welcome tune Subscription by Sending a Short Message to the desire portal number 24000 with the right information. First, go to your Message option and type “STOP” and send the Message to 24000 (Free of charge). After sending the Message for canceling Welcome Tune Subscription, you will receive a confirmation SMS instant.

How to Stop GP welcome Tune by IVR?

If you want, you can Stop your Welcome tune Service by directly calling 24000 Number. After calling the 24000, you will listen to the option. Then press the desired key to stop the Welcome tune subscription.

Now you can let your friends listen to their favorite tunes every time they call you. Set unlimited free Welcome Tunes on your Grameenphone Postpaid and Prepaid connections by “Type WT<Space>Song Code and send to 24000.”


Play popular songs for as many friends as you like. Choose your music from the latest Bangla, English, Instrumental, and more.

To Download Welcome Tunes:

You can download unlimited free Welcome Tunes by following ways:

Download through SMS:

  • Go to Message Option of the handset.
  • Type WT<Space>Song Code and send to 24000
  • The song will be added to My Gallery, and you’ll receive an SMS confirmation.

Download through IVR:

  • Dial 24000 from your handset
  • Select option for Welcome Tune
  • Various categories will be listed like Top Songs, Most Popular Songs, English & Bangla Songs.
  • You can select a song or add it to your bookmark to download it later.

Welcome, Tune Copy:

Copy Welcome Tune from any GP number! Just press ** when you hear Welcome Tune on a GP number. After the tune has been set to your GP number, you’ll receive a confirmation SMS


  • Visit GP MY APP
  • If you are a registered user, log in with your username and password.
  • If you are not registered, you have to register to login.
  • Select Welcome Tune from Manager your service section.

Purchase through USSD:

Dial *24000# to get option one as Welcome Tune. Various options that users can choose from the latest hits, top songs & many more.

To Deactivate Welcome Tunes Temporarily

Yes, Welcome Tunes can be temporarily deactivated. You have to do the following:

Through SMS:

  • Go to Message Option of the handset
  • Type On/Off and send to 24000

If you temporarily deactivate your account, your downloaded Welcome Tunes songs/tunes will not be deleted from My Gallery, and you have to pay a subscription fee

To Cancel the Service Permanently

Yes, Welcome Tunes can be permanently deactivated. You have to do the following:

Through SMS:

  • Go to message option of the handset
  • Type Stop and send to 24000

If you permanently deactivate the service, your downloaded Welcome Tune songs/tunes will be deactivated from my gallery

To Reactivate Welcome Tune Service

Welcome Tune service can be reactivated any time after deactivation. In that case, you will able to download the song again free.

Reactivation process through SMS:

  • Go to message option of the handset
  • Type START and send SMS to 24000

Reactivation process through USSD:

  • Dial *24000# from the handset
  • Select option 1 for Welcome Tune
  • Press the number to activate your Welcome Tune

To Randomize Your Welcome Tune Gallery

Randomize through SMS:

  • Go to message option of the handset
  • Type RANDOM & send SMS to 24000

Randomize through USSD:-

  • Dial *24000# from the handset
  • Select option 1 for Welcome Tune
  • Press 5 to randomize your gallery

Charges for Welcome Tunes Service

Subscription Fee: (inclusive VAT, SD, and SC)

Subscription fee Validity
30 Taka 30 Days
7 Taka 7 Days
1 Taka 1 Day

*Unlimited free song downloads
*SMS Charge: Free
*IVR Charge: Free
*All pricing including VAT, SD, and SC

How to Stop GP welcome Tune by USSD Code?

All the Grameenphone users can Start or Stop different Valuated Service from the Self Care Menu. GP provides two different Self-care menus. One is *111#, and another is *121#. Both Menus carries too many Service and Promotions. You Can directly Dial *111*2*3# or *121*6*2# to know more details about GP Welcome tune Service.

If you have any questions or face any Problem while sending STOP Request of GP Welcome tune Service, Make a comment on the Below comment box of the post about How to Stop GP Welcome Tune Service? Thank you.

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