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GP Tonic Service Details

    Welcome to GP Tonic Service Details! here is the complete information of GP with Tonic Plan. Just read the details info from the below. Dial *789# to join for free or visit: “Bhalo thakar Master plan”

    By joining for free, the Tonic members will get:

    • Tonic Jibon
    • Tonic Daktar
    • Tonic Discounts
    • Tonic Cash

    To ensure the well-being of the people of Bangladesh, Telenor Health and Grameenphone Ltd bring to you the master plan of staying well, Tonic. Tonic members will get free health tips, free discounts at hospitals, free coverage for cash benefits, and affordable access to a doctor through their mobile phones. Now, with Tonic, you can make your master plan for living well.


    Any active Grameenphone user can enjoy the service by using their mobile connection on a minimum scale. The user’s membership eligibility will be ensured for the coming month by the usage of the current month. It is completely free to register into Tonic. After registering, by regular usage of the Grameenphone connection, the users can enjoy all the benefits of Tonic.

    The Tonic members will be served with:

    Tonic Jibon

    Tips on how to lead a healthier life and care for your family everyday through SMS and The Grameenphone internet users will be able to avail the health tips without any data charge (without videos and photos). Charges are applied for browsing from this site to any other sites.

    Tonic Daktar

    A caring doctor is standing by for you, any time you need at an affordable rate – just call 789. Dial 789 from any Grameenphone line and avail the service at 5 taka/minute call rate with at 10 seconds pulse

    Tonic Discount:

    Enjoy discounts of up to 40% on hospital care – saving you cash on bed rates, tests, and specialists.

    To avail the discount, the members need to send an SMS typing the hospital code to 789 (free).

    Tonic Cash:

    Tonic members will be covered for a 500 taka cash benefit if they are hospitalized for three consecutive nights at any hospital in Bangladesh. A Tonic member can claim Tonic Cash up to four times within a year (500 taka for 4 times a year = 2000 taka). To enjoy this benefit, the user has to dial at 789 from their Grameenphone connection within 30 days of their leave from the hospital. The member has to go to the nearest Grameenphone centre with the hospital release document or send the document to as advised by the Tonic representative. Tonic Team will verify the bills and release documents and if the Tonic Cash claim is found valid, then 500 taka will be paid to the user’s mobile wallet within 30 working days of the claim. Speaking with a Tonic customer service agent costs 50 paisa per minute with a 10 seconds pulse.

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    As per Government rules, supplementary taxes are applied for all charges. Also, VAT is charged on the total supplementary tax and surcharge is applied on the total call rate.

    To know more about Tonic service and benefits please visit