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GP Super 3G Network Coverage Map Whole Bangladesh

Grameenphone Super GP 3G Network Coverage:

GP 3G Network Coverage As a leading telecommunications company of Bangladesh, Grameenphone Limited consistently tries to keep its subscribers and users satisfied by providing stronger network, while keeping everything customer-friendly. To make this form of global connection a universal one among the people of Bangladesh has been Grameenphone’s intention from the very beginning. For this very reason, Grameenphone has taken the initiative to make this nationwide network even stronger. Grameenphone always endeavors to keep up with the time by making itself better and stronger, so that it can make the people connected to it better and stronger. To welcome this challenge, the challenge of making itself better than it was before, Grameenphone is always ready. With 10 MHz super network and worldwide super coverage, Grameenphone provides the AMR Wideband Codec with which users can talk to each other face-to-face from one corner of the country to another with super voice clarity. Moreover, with HSPA+ Dual Carrier, each Grameenphone customer can enjoy Internet super speed.

Super 3G Coverage: 10 MHz Network

Grameenphone’s nation-wide GP 3G Network Coverage with the world’s latest 10MHz technology combines to make Grameenphone Network a super network. Through this method, the whole nation is now under the 3G coverage blanket. Moreover, Grameenphone has modified and upgraded all matters and devices related to this connection.

Super Speed: Dual Career HSPA+

The world is running at super speed and marching to its beat is Bangladesh. There is no time to be behind time anymore. To keep Bangladesh ahead in the data technology sector,With GP 3G Network Coverage, Grameenphone 3G Internet is now at super speed with Dual Carrier HSPA+. Through its double tunnel and HSPA+ feature, data is increasing at a maximum rate. Through data transfer, users can experience maximum expertise and performance. Moreover, in all areas that fall under 3G coverage, users can get the best Internet experience. Now is the time to go forward using the Internet in all aspects of life.

Super Voice Clarity: AMR Wideband Codec

Following the rules of Internet Protocol, Grameenphone Super Network also provides the AMR Wideband Codec. Its wide ranging speech bandwidth will provide you with natural voice quality, as opposed to the narrowband speech coder. As a result, users enjoy the experience of talking and listening face-to-face. As a result, users can also hear the other person very clearly, even in a noisy environment.

Through the 10MHz super network, under the GP 3G Network Coverage, users can experience super voice clarity and Internet super speed. With super 3G coverage, super voice clarity and super speed, now is the time to march to the beat of time and go beyond.

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