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GP Buddy Tracker Service (SIM Locator) Free for Bondhu Subscriber

    At times when we call our friends & dear ones, it keeps ringing and no one picks up. Sometimes the tension really mounts up. So how will we know what our friends and family members are doing or where are they if we can’t reach them on phone?

    Use “GP Buddy Tracker”! Yes, GP has introduced Buddy Tracker service so that we can track our friends, family members and near & dear ones anytime we want and the best part is the charge is only BDT 2/per 100 SMS (SD & VAT applicable). From 101st SMS & onwards customers will be charged BDT 2.30 per SMS. To track your friend, just type LOCATE<space >Friend’s number or Friend’s name and send to 3020 and the return SMS will tell you the location of your friend!

    But before that you need to register yourself with Buddy Tracker service. To start the service, type Start < space > Your name and send to 3020. Once you are registered send ADD request to your friend who needs to accept.

    To add friend in your tracking list, type Add<space>friend’s number<space>friend’s name and send to 3020.

    When you get add request from your friend, to accept type Y<Friend’s mobile number >and send to 3020, to reject type N<auto generated code>and send to 3020.

    By any chance if you want to deregister from Buddy Tracker, type Stop and send to 3020.

    So start using Buddy Tracker today and keep your near and dear ones at your finger tips. Happy tracking!


    BDT 2/per 100 SMS ((SD & VAT applicable)). From 101st SMS & onwards customers will be charged BDT 2 per SMS (SD & VAT applicable).

    How to register

    Write START <space> your name send sms to 3020 Once you have successfully registered, you can do the followings:

    How to add friends

    write add <space> friend’s mobile number <space> friends name send sms to 3020

    How to accept friends request

    write Y <space> friend’s mobile number send sms to 3020

    How to find friend’s location

    write locate <space> friend’s mobile number or name send sms to 3020

    How to find your own location

    write locate <space> me or self mobile number send sms to 3020

    Service Accessible To Registered User Accessible To Un Registered users Keyword Example Description Short Code
    START Yes Yes START <Your Name> START Mukit To activate Buddy Tracker Services 3020
    ADD Yes No ADD<space><Friend Number><space><Friend Name> ADD 017xxxxxxxx Abid To Add friend
    Y(Accept) Yes Yes Y <space> friend’s mobile number Y AAAAA To accept friend request
    N(Reject) Yes Yes N <space> friend’s mobile number N AAAAA To Reject friend request
    STOP Yes No STOP STOP To Deactivate Buddy Tracker Services
    LOCATE Yes No LOCATE <ME> or <Friend Number> or <Friend Name> LOCATE 017xxxxxxxx To Locate friend or yourself
    HIDE Yes Yes HIDE or HIDE <Friend Number> or <Friend Name> HIDE 017xxxxxxxx To hide location from users
    SHOW Yes Yes SHOW or SHOW<space><Friend Number> or <Friend Name> SHOW 017xxxxxxx To show location from users
    LIST Yes No LIST LIST To see list of friends which I can track
    LIST SHOW Yes Yes LIST<space><SHOW> LIST Show To see list of users who are tracking me
    LIST HIDE Yes Yes LIST<space><HIDE> LIST Hide To see list of users from I kept myself hide
    DELETE Yes No DELETE<space><Friend Number>or<Friend Name> DELETE Abid To delete friend from the friend list
    HELP Yes No HELP HELP To get help from customer care.
    VIEW Yes No VIEW VIEW To know what are the services you subscribe.
    INFO Yes No INFO INFO To contact with customer care
    INDEX Yes Yes INDEX INDEX To get help of Buddy Tracker services.