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GP 4G Internet News, Activation, Coverage Area

    GP 4G Internet! 4G Mean Fourth Generation! Internet users in Bangladesh are ready to increase their internet browsing experience. 4G is coming… The entire Grameenphone Internet user can ready themselves with 4G requirements for using 4G fast. In this post, we are describing details about Grameenphone Fourth Generation Network (GP 4G Internet). Here some of question and Answer we have added from Grameenphone official Website. These will provide you clear concept. Better internet speed will available after launching! 4G Internet package will available on GP Internet Package.

    GP 4G Internet Opportunities:

    • High speed and quality data network
    • Superior technology
    • Better lifestyle and access to the digital world
    • Efficiency in home and business

    GP 4G Internet Question Answer:

    If you would like further information on Grameenphone 4G or have any query, please refer to our FAQs or visit one of our Grameenphone Centers.

    1. What is 4G?

    Answer: 4G is a lot like 3G but it provides a much better and faster internet browsing and so it has an improved network experience.

    1. What are the benefits of 4G?


    • Improved download/upload speeds
    • Reduced latency- Pages take less time to load so less buff time
    • Faster Internet Browsing
    • Better Network Experience
    1. What is 4G SIM?/What are the differences between 4G SIM and my old SIM?

    Answer: 4G SIM allows customers to use or access a 4G mobile network. With a normal SIM, you can use Grameenphone’s 2G and 3G network. With USIM, you will be able to experience 4G networks in addition to 2G and 3G networks.

    1. How can I check my SIM is 4G enable or not?

    Answer: Please dial *121*3232# to find out if your SIM is 4G enabled or not.

    1. Why do I need to replace my old SIM to 4G SIM since 4G is not launched yet?

    Answer: With a 4G SIM replaced now, you can enjoy the 4G network and all other benefits of 4G from the moment of launch in your area.

    1. When will the 4G service be launched?

    Answer: The Government is still working on ensuring a proper nationwide 4G network. As soon as the Government notifies us, we will launch the 4G service. We will notify all our customers through our website and other ATL media about our launch date.

    1. Where will we get 4G coverage?

    Answer: After launch, we shall update our website and other ATL media to let you know the coverage of our 4G Network.

    1. When will we get 4G coverage in my area?

    Answer: After launch, we shall update our website and other ATL media to let you know the coverage of our 4G Network.

    1. What will be the 4G cost/tariff?

    Answer: After launch, we shall update our website and other ATL media to let you know the 4G cost and tariff.

    1. Why is my friend getting 4G SIM replacement SMS? Why not me?

    Answer: 4G SIM replacement SMS is a gradual ongoing process, and we are sending SMS to our customers in phases. However, if you want you can still replace the SIM from our nearest touch point to get your new 4G SIM. But you will also need a 4G Enabled Handset to get the 4G Speed once the service is launched.

    1. How/where to get 4G SIM?

    Answer: Find out where you can get your 4G SIM by visiting your nearest GP Center

    1. In the GP SIM replacement point while replacing the SIM, how would I be sure the new SIM kit is 4G compatible or not?

    Answer: In the pack of the replacement kit you will see a “U” mark sign; this means the new SIM is 4G compatible, otherwise not. Before unpacking any new replacement SIM, make sure the “U” mark sign in the SIM Pack Cover.

    1. Is 4G service available now?

    Answer: 4G has not launched yet. But it will be launched soon! Once we launch 4G, we will let all our customers know by updating the website and other ATL channels.

    1. What is the SIM Replacement Cost?

    Answer: The SIM Replacement cost is 110 Taka for customers (GP Stars can avail this for free only from GPCs)

    1. Do I need a 4G enabled handset to use a 4G SIM? 

    Answer: To enjoy the different benefits of the 4G Network you will need both a 4G enabled handset and a 4G SIM. However, the 4G SIM can also be used in handsets that are NOT 4G enabled, but in that case, the customers will not get the benefits of the 4G Network.

    1. Is there any change that can happen in my voice package after replacing to 4G SIM?

    Answer: No changes will be made to the existing voice package even after SIM Replacement.

    We will update all update about GP 4G Internet in this post. Please checking updates by visiting us again. To know more or have any question, please feel free to ask. We will response you shortly.