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Facebook Offer: Smart Way To Make Money From Your Facebook

    Do many people ask how money can be earned from Facebook? Someone else wants to know, what is the way to earn money on mobile? So long as there was no direct and straightforward answer to this question. But recently Facebook launched an app that can be used to earn money on mobile.

    The name of this new Facebook application is the study. This is not a study related app. The study is a project of Facebook’s research project that will give money to users for taking various information. The company will pay the money if the user downloads and installs this app on mobile.

    Users of this app will be able to install different types of information on Facebook. And for this, Facebook will pay.

    Surprised? So let’s talk about more details. The Facebook study program will basically install on your phone and get information about your smartphone and various types of apps. Using this information, Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence will get an idea about their competitor’s app and technology market. In this regard, they will be able to bring their business and bring new products to the market considering the needs of the customers. As a result, their income will increase.

    So, installing this app, you can also give them money to take information from you. According to their declared policy, it is much like a “Win-Win Situation”.

    Although this announcement of Facebook’s new Study App’s announcement came out, another concept was also brought about with this concept. There they paid money to juvenile juveniles in exchange for Usage data.

    It is said that the new study app can be revived. However, money concepts are not new to information. Emma company Survivance is taking advantage of its surveys to acquire gift cards or credits.

    You do not have to do any work in the Study Apps for Income from Facebook. Just install the app and give some permissions, your job is finished.

    Installing the app on your phone will collect the following data-

    • There are some apps installed on your phone
    • What time do you spend in an app
    • Your country, device, and network type
    • The activity name of the app, through which any features of the app are used

    But Facebook has very clearly said that they will not collect your user ID, password, photo, video or any type of document from your phone. There will also be an option to set or remove different permissions in the app. According to them, the app is under the control of the customers.

    For now, the app is only available for Android devices. Another thing is that only the residents of the United States and India can get the benefit. After registration from the advertisement to their study program, they will send you a link through which the app can be installed.

    You must have a PayPal account to withdraw the money earned by the app. But how much money will be given to Facebook

    Facebook does not yet tell when this income from Facebook will be launched in Bangladesh. But as soon as it is introduced in India, it can be expected in Bangladesh that one day it will come. But if you want to earn money online you can see this post to know more ways.

    It is now worth seeing how successful the app can be successful in endeavoring to implement its own goals by applying customers. Prior to that, Facebook users using the VPN and Data Saver app by Onawo were facing criticism by collecting user data. Let’s see how many classes the Facebook study can pass.