Dhaka To Tangail Train Schedule 2022 & Ticket Price

Do you want to know the schedule of the Tangail train, ticket price, then you are at the right place. Because all the trains that we stop at Tangail station today. He will discuss all the trains. Tangail district is connected to the north-western districts of Bangladesh by rail. So this railway station has luxury modern trains running in the northern districts. All these trains stop at Tangail railway station. So if you want to travel to the Tangail district you can travel on these trains. I hope you will be aware of the trains in Tangail after completing our post.

We know train travel is a comfortable and safe journey. So most people travel by train. In the modern era, therefore, all these train schedules, you can see by searching on the phone if you want. We will discuss the schedule of ten trains running in the Tangail district on our website. With these 10 trains, you can travel to Tangail district by day or night if you want. Bangladesh Railway also has a regular mile train system in the Tangail district.

Dhaka To Tangail Train Schedule

If you want to travel from Dhaka to Tangail district day or night. A total of ten intercity trains leave Dhaka for Tangail at different times. You can collect tickets from Dhaka Kamalapur Railway Station, or from Airport Station. We will reveal to you the number of these 10 trains, including the departure time of the journey train, through the table below. So that you are aware of these ten trains.

Train Name (Number) Departure Time Off Day
Ekota express ( 705) 10:10 AM
Sundarban express ( 725) 08.15 AM Wednesday
Lalmani express (752) 21:45 Friday
Silkcity express (754) 14:45 Sunday
Drutajan express (758) 20:00 Wednesday
Padma express (759) 23:00 Tuesday
Chitra express (764) 19:00 Monday
Nilsagar (765) 06:40 Monday
Dumketu express (769) 6:00 Saturday
Rangpur express (771) 9:10 Sunday
Sirajgonj express (776) 17:00 Saturday

Tangail To Dhaka Train Schedule

If you want to travel by train from Tangail to Dhaka. Then a total of 6 trains from North Bengal district left for Dhaka. And takes a break at Tangail railway station. These 6 trains can travel to Dhaka if you want. Besides, the Dhaka Mile train from Tangail leaves for Dhaka at 8 am. We will give you an idea of ​​when the 6 trains from Tangail to Dhaka arrive at Tangail Railway Station. Please take a look at the table below.

Name (Train No) Off Day Departure
Ekota Express (706) 12.05
Lalmoni Express (752) Friday 17:50
Silkcity Express (754) Sunday 11:08
Drutajan Express (758) Wednesday 16:57
Padma Express (760) Tuesday 19:30
Sirajgonj Express (775) Saturday 7:52

Dhaka to Tangail / Tangail to Dhaka Train Schedule (Train Wise)

Dhaka To Tangail Train Schedule

Tangail Commuter Train

The Tangail commuter train is closed on Friday. The Tangail commuter train leaves Tangail for Dhaka at 7 am. Arrives in Dhaka at 9:30 am. If you want, you can travel by Dhaka-Tangail commuter train.

Mail Train Dhaka To Tangail

If you want to travel by train from Dhaka to Tangail Mile, you must go to the station to collect the ticket. This mile train leaves for Tangail at 11:00 am. So if you want to travel to Tangail, you can take this train.

Dhaka To Train Ticket Prices

Since the luxury trains of North Bengal stop at Tangail railway station. Therefore, the people of Tangail district will be able to travel in these luxury trains. These luxury trains have all kinds of facilities from AC to non-AC train seats. So we will give the price of all the SIMs in the table below for your convenience.

Serial No Class Name Ticket Price
1 Shovon 90 BDT.
2 Shovon Chair 105 BDT.
3 First Class Seats 175 BDT.
4 1st Birth 140 BDT.
5 Snigdha 210 BDT.
6 AC Seat 210 BDT.
7 AC Birth  315 BDT.

We hope that the journey from Dhaka to Tangail will be safe and comfortable on these trains. If you want to know the details of all the trains from Dhaka to Tangail, please comment in our comment box. Thank you.

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