Dhaka to Narayanganj Train Schedule, Ticket Price, Off Day, Stoppage

We know that Narayanganj is a developed area in terms of trade. Narayanganj is said to be the lifeblood of a commercial factory in Dhaka city. So 6 community trains run daily from Dhaka to Narayanganj. If you want to know about these trains and want to know the schedule of trains, ticket price, holidays. Then you can find out about these trains with the information obtained from our website.

Dhaka To Narayanganj Train schedule

There are 6 community trains running daily from Dhaka to Narayanganj. From Dhaka to Narayanganj 5:40 am from the community train 2 community: 4, and 6 community trains start running. These trains are closed on Saturdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. I will give the schedule of these three trains through the table below.

Train Name Off Day Departure Time Arrival Time
Narayanganj Commuter-2 Friday 5.40 6.20
Narayanganj Commuter-4 Friday 13.40 14.20
Narayanganj Commuter-6 Friday 22.05 22.50

Narayanganj To Dhaka Train Schedule

Many people travel from Narayanganj to Dhaka every day. So to make their journey comfortable, Bangladesh Railway serves passengers through 6 trains from Narayanganj to Dhaka. These trains are closed on Saturdays, Thursdays and Fridays. If you want to know the train schedule from Narayanganj to Dhaka, follow below.

Train Name Off Day Departure Time Arrival Time
Narayanganj Commuter-1 Friday 6.35 7.15
Narayanganj Commuter-3 Friday 14.35 9:20
Narayanganj Commuter-5 Friday 23.05 23.45

Ticket Price For Dhaka To Narayanganj Train

If you want to know the train ticket price from Dhaka to Narayanganj, see below.

  • Shovon Seat: 15TK
  • Shovon Seat: 22

Dhaka To Narayanganj Stoppage Stations:

Here is the list of Dhaka to Narayanganj train stoppages stations with the departure time are as follows-

Dhaka to Narayanganj Train Stoppages

Dhaka To Narayanganj Online Ticket booking

If you want to book Narayanganj train tickets online from Dhaka. Then you must collect that ticket on the Bangladesh Railway e-ticket website. If you search by typing Bangladesh Railway online ticket book on your phone, you will get the websites.

Hopefully we are sincerely happy to know about all the trains from Dhaka to Narayanganj. So if you want to know more details about the train from Narayanganj to Dhaka, please comment in our comment box. Thanks.

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