Best 5 laptops in the world Price, specification 2024

Assalamu Alaikum friends. How are you all, hope you are well. Today we will discuss about the best laptop in the world. Nowadays there are many different types of laptops from different brands in the marketplace. If you are told Can you pick a good laptop? If you do not know the information about this laptop correctly, then you will have to face many problems while buying a laptop in the marketing place.

Friends, we don’t want you to face any problems, that’s why today we will discuss about all the best laptop brands.

First of all, what we will know about laptops is mentioned below:

1. Apple

2. Lenovo ThinkPad W700S

3. Toshiba Cosimo G35-AV660

4. Acer Ferrari 1100

5. Dell M6400

1. Apple (Apple laptop):

If there is a list of the best laptop brands in the current era then this brand will be mentioned first. This laptop brand is headquartered in California.
This Apple brand can be said to be the number one brand in the world, not only does the brand look amazing but it also works great. I would say if anyone is looking to buy a new laptop they can go for this laptop without thinking too much. Find out some of the prices of Apple company’s laptops. such as
Apple MacBook Air: Rs.92,900
Apple MacBook Pro: One lakh thirteen thousand 799

2. Lenovo Thinkpad W700DS (Lenovo Thinkpad W700DS):

The price of this laptop is not too high in the market laptop and looks good. This laptop has a quad processor with 4 GB RAM. The market price of this brand of laptops is not very high.

3. Toshiba Qosmio G-35-AV 660:

In today’s age laptop is very important for HD graphics. This laptop has a dual-core processor and a 240GB hard drive
gigabytes. And this laptop also comes with RAM 4 GB. The market price of this laptop is 3500 USD.

4. Acer Ferrari 1100 (Acer Ferrari 1100):

This laptop is a Taiwanese company. This Acer laptop is usually made of carbon fiber. This laptop has AMD Turion 64 x 2 Mobile Technology TL67 2.3 GHz processor. These factors are important in a laptop processor which helps to keep the laptop powerful.
The market price of this laptop is three thousand US dollars.

5. Dell M6400 (Dell M6400):

The world’s most in-demand brand and beauty standout among laptops. There is nothing new to say about it. This laptop is equipped with a high-powered graphics card. This is from the laptop. 1 GB ATI graphics card which is said to be excellent and unmatched for video viewing. The processor of this laptop is 9300 and the net display is 17 inches. The market price of this laptop is 3500 USD.

Friends, if you want, you can collect any brand of laptop among the laptops of this company. Hope these discussions today will be useful for all of you. thank you

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