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Banglalink Internet Package 2018

    Banglalink Internet Package! Hello, Greetings from Telecom Offer, the largest Telecom Portal. Here in this Article, We are Describing details about the Banglalink 3G Internet Package and Banglalink 3G internet offer. The Banglalink internet users who don’t have the 3G Coverage on their Location, they can activate the Banglalink 2G Internet Package. This is our Pleasure to inform you that, you will get the Banglalink Internet Package Name, Internet Package Price, and validity. The Activation Code is also available on here, but you can activate BL Internet Package via Recharge. So, get the Latest update of Banglalink Data Pack to Enjoy Banglalink High-Speed Internet!

    Banglalink Internet Package Update 2018:

    Get Details about Banglalink Internet Package with Package Name, Package Data, USSD Activation Code, Price and Package Validity.Banglalink Internet Package Activation Process:

    • 2MB 85 Paisa 1 Day Activation Code: *5000*519#
    • 3MB 1.15 TK 1 Day Activation Code: *5000*518#
    • 9MB 3 TK 1 Day Activation Code: *5000*513#
    • 12MB 4 TK 1 Day Activation Code: *5000*520#
    • 32MB 9 TK 1 Day Activation Code: *5000*529#
    • 45MB 10 TK 1 Day Activation Code: *5000*543#
    • 60MB 15 TK 3 Days Activation Code: *5000*502#
    • 100MB 20 TK 7 Days Activation Code: *5000*522#
    • 120MB 50 TK 30 Days Activation Code: *5000*523#
    • 160MB 30 TK 7 Days Activation Code: *5000*501#
    • 250MB 75 TK 10 Days Activation Code: *5000*517#

    The Banglalink Internet users can activate the Internet Package for their Mobile, Smartphone, Tablet or PC various ways. Banglalink Provides the Internet Package Activation in various ways like via USSD Code, Direct Recharge and Activate, Online Activate, Banglalink My Plan Internet Package Activate, and IVR. You can activate your BL Internet Package with anyone Ways which you may like.

    Banglalink internet Package Activation from IVR:

    All the Banglalink Internet users can activate the Banglalink Internet Package from IVR by Calling 5000 from Their Banglalink Number Free. If you want to activate the BL Internet Package, Just Dial 5000 and follow the instruction. You are also eligible for Internet Balance Balance Check, Validity Check, Deactivate and many other features from the 5000 IVR.

    Just dial and listen the details info and then select the desired Key by pressing the key button. While you will press the desired key, you will get the Result of Banglalink Internet Package Activating, Deactivating, Balance check or other Service.

    Banglalink Internet Package Activation from *5000# USSD Menu:

    All the Exciting Banglalink Internet Users and the New Users, who want to Activate Banglalink Internet Service, can Easily Activate the Banglalink Internet Package on their Device easily from Banglalink Internet menu. Just Dial *5000# from the any Banglalink number and then follow the instruction. After Dialing the Menu, you will get all the Available features about Banglalink Internet. Just Reply with the exact key which you may want to choose or Select. For more details, just call to the Banglalink customer care or Chat Online with the Customer Manager.

    Banglalink Internet Package Activation Process by SMS:

    The Banglalink users can activate the Banglalink Internet package easily by Sending the message to 5000 with the package keyword. If know the Keyword of the Desire Internet package which you are currently want to Activate, just go to the message option and then type the keyword. Then Send it 5000 from the BL number Where you want to Activate the package. After Sending the Message successfully, you will be charged the desire Amount from your Account directly and will receive the Desire data bundle in your Account. After Successful Activation, you will also receive a code for checking the Internet Data bundle.

    Banglalink Internet Package Activation from My Banglalink Apps:

    If you are Android Smartphone users, you will be eligible to activate the Banglalink internet package in your Banglalink number easily by using the Banglalink Apps. You will be happy to know that the Browsing Charge of My Banglalink apps is free for all Banglalink users. The customers need to install the My Banglalink Apps on their Smartphone for Activating Banglalink Internet package. If you install the Apps on your Device, you will receive 150 MB Free Internet. Every time when you will active an Internet Package with the Apps, you will get 20% Extra Internet and 20% Facebook Internet free!

    Banglalink internet package Activation process from eCare:

    The Banglalink users who have an eCare Account, they can manage the Banglalink Internet Package from eCare. The Internet Package Activation, Deactivation, Balance check, validity Check and some other features are available in the BL eCare Service. Just Visit the Banglalink official Website and then click on the eCare button from the sidebar to Activate Internet package from here.

    Latest Banglalink Internet Package and Internet Offer:

    Here is the Latest Banglalink 3G Internet Package and 3G Internet Offer for All Banglalink Internet users. We have added the Update Banglalink Internet Package on the below if available. Every time, When the New Internet Package will release, We will include it instant for our valuable users.

    Finally, No more words require about the Banglalink Internet Package and Banglalink Internet Offer. If you have any confusion, Question or comment, Just feel free to ask here by using our contact us form or via the Comment box. We will serve you instantly by providing the Answer to your Question. Thank you for being with us.