Pack list and details Information:

package bonus on pack purchase bonus validity (day) purchase now activation code
tester (3MB@1tk/1day) 0.66 MB 1 purchase *5000*518#
starter (5MB@2.5tk/1day) 1.1 MB 1 purchase *5000*513#
mini player (40MB@15tk/2days) 8.8 MB 1 purchase *5000*502#
player (75MB@30tk/5days) 16.5 MB 2 purchase *5000*501#
explorer (175MB@tk75/15 days) 38.5 MB 5 purchase *5000*517#
browser (250MB@99tk/30days) 55 MB 10 purchase *5000*503#
super browser (600MB@200tk/30 days) 132 MB 10 purchase *5000*504#
cool rider (1GB@275tk/30days) 225 MB 10 purchase *5000*511#
p4 (200MB @50tk, 1 Day) 44 MB 1 purchase *222*1*1#
p9 (18MB @8tk, 1 Day) 4 MB 1 purchase *5000*529#
p10 (8MB @4tk, 1 Day) 1.8 MB 1 purchase *5000*520#
p14 (25MB @10tk, 1 Day) 5.5 MB 1 purchase *5000*543#
p7 (40MB @20tk, 7 Day) 8.8 MB 2 purchase *5000*522#
p8 (90MB @50tk, 15 Days) 19.8 MB 5 purchase *5000*523#
p5 (120MB @100tk, 30 Days) 26.4 MB 10 purchase *222*1*3#
p15 (50MB @55tk, 30 Days) 11 MB 10 purchase *222*1*14#


  • banglalink will be offering 22% data bonus during in all of the above volume based data packs
  • the 22% bonus on pack purchase can be availed for all generic data packs which have the 1GB volume or less. the bonus is not applicable on packs that have more than 1GB volume, social media based packs (facebook packs, WhatsApp packs, social packs) and unlimited packs (p2, p3, p11, p12, p13).
  • only prepaid and call and control subscribers can avail 22% bonus, postpaid subscribers are not eligible for this bonus.
  • to check the bonus volume and bonus validity subscribers can dial *124*44#
  • during usage, the data will be consumed from the bonus data first. after the allocated bonus is consumed or the validity of the bonus expires then data will be consumed from pack volume.
  • the subscribers can purchase multiple packs at the same time and avail the bonus allocated for each pack.
  • the subscribers can avail the 22% bonus as many times as they want by purchasing a data pack between 7th April and 16th April.
  • to check the validity of the data packs the subscribers can dial *5000*500#
  • to unsubscribe from the data pack, subscribers can dial *5000*536#