Airtel New SIM Offer 2019

Airtel New SIM Offer 2019! Airtel Bangladesh is a child company of Axiata Limited. The entire Airtel New SIM user will get 4 GB free Internet, Lowest Call Rate offer and much more. If you want to Buy a New Airtel Connection, You will get too many offers. You can read it from Robi New SIM Offer 2019. Here, we are describing details about Airtel New SIM Offer for the available user who wants to Buy a New Airtel Prepaid SIM Card. Just Read the below Details and then Buy a New Prepaid Airtel Connection to Enjoy Lowest Call Rate & 10 GB Free Internet offer.

Airtel New SIM Offer 2019 Details:

From Now, All The Airtel New SIM user will Eligible to get the following offers & Benefits by Purchasing a New Connection. The Airtel Customer, who will Buy a New Airtel Prepaid Connection will get the following benefits:

Airtel New SIM Offer 2019

Airtel New SIM Offer 2019 Activation Bonus:

  • The Customer will get 5 TK Preloaded Balance in The Main Account, which can be checked by dialing *778#.
  • The Customer will get 50 MB Free Internet for 10 Days which can be checked by dialing *778*18#.
  • Airtel Yonder Music 90 days validity from the day of activation (up to 30MB free per day)
  • 1 Paisa per Sec 24 hours to all Number.
  • New Airtel SIM Price is 100 TK.

Airtel Prepaid New Sim Offer 2019:

New Connection:(Regular)

Enjoy the best offers on new Airtel prepaid connection!

Price: 100 Tk.
Preloaded amount: 5 Tk. valid for 90 days (*778#)
Free Internet: 50 MB valid for 10 days (*8444*88#)
Landing Tariff: 1.2 paisa/sec (anynet)

WIC/Airtel Care Offer:

Get a new Airtel number from AEC/WIC at only 149 Tk.

Connection price and startup features is as below:

Preloaded Amount BDT 80 with 90 days validity (*778# or *1#)
Free Data 4 GB 30 days validity (*8444*88# or *3#)
Rate Cutter 0.9 paisa per sec, first 90 days

(to any operator, anytime)

Base Tariff 1.2 paisa per sec, after 90 days

(to any operator, anytime)

Monthly bonus data 4 GB, 1 GB/month with 7 days validity

During next 4 months

(1st 1GB on day 31

2nd 1GB on day 61

3rd 1GB on day 91

4th 1GB on day 121)

1st Recharge Offer:

Recharge 61 Tk within the first 30 days of activation

Main Account: 42 Tk (*778#)
Internet: 2 GB valid for 10 days (*8444*88#)
Special Call rate: 0.9 paisa/sec (anynet, anytime)
Repeat Validity: Every 30 days spend 89 Tk and get the special call rate renewed for the next 30 day.

Offer 1:

Get 1 GB internet at only 9 Tk for the next 10 recharge!

Condition 1 During first 10 months
Condition 2  1 time in a month
 1 GB 1 time in a month 10 months = 10 GB 

Every time:

Main account 0 Tk (*778#)
Internet 1 GB valid for 7 days (*8444*88# or *3#)
Therefore: Total 10 GB
First 30 days 1 GB/9Tk
Second 30 days 1 GB/9Tk
Third 30 days 1 GB/9Tk
Fourth 30 days 1 GB/9Tk
Fifth 30 days 1 GB/9Tk
Sixth 30 days 1 GB/9Tk
Seventh 30 days 1 GB/9Tk
Eighth 30 days 1 GB/9Tk
Ninth 30 days 1 GB/9Tk
Tenth 30 days 1 GB/9Tk

Offer 2:

Get additional 1 GB internet @31Tk valid for 7 days + 1 GB 4G internet valid for 15 days (anytime, *8444*88# or *3#)

Condition 1 UNLIMITED times
Condition 2 First 3 months
Total As many times as you want

Terms & Conditions:

  • Both Offer 1 & Offer 2 are available for Acquisition and New Prepaid Sim Offer.
  • Customers may enjoy bonus within 24 hours of activation
  • If the rates are not mentioned then the regular prepaid charge will be applicable (SMS: 0.39 Tk; international SMS: 2.5 Tk)
  • VAT, SD and SC applicable
  • The 30 days cycle of 1GB/9Tk, 1GB/31Tk and special call rate will start once the 61Tk is activated
  • To enjoy first 4G bonus customers need to have 4G enabled handset, USIM and coverage of 4G network
  • Before 4G activation, the validity of 4G bonus will remain N/A. Once the 4G is activated user may enjoy validity of 15/30 days
  • The authority has all the rights to change the rates anytime.

If you want to know more details about Airtel New SIM Offer 2018, Just make a comment below the post with Details Information like your Question or query. We will Review your Query and provide you the exact solution soon. Thank you for being with is.