Transmission and Distribution of Electrical Energy-1 Syllabus Diploma in Electrical Engineering, Regulation 2010, Short Suggestion, Exam Dates, Exam Routine, Question Out, Book list with code

To provide the students with an opportunity to acquire knowledge, skills and attitude in the area of transmission and distribution electrical energy with special emphasis on:

  • Different types of transmission and distribution systems of electrical energy.
  • Comparison of different types of transmission and distribution system.
  • Electrical and mechanical design of overhead lines.
  • Survey of transmission and distribution line route.
  • Performance calculation of overhead transmission line.




Supply system: Different systems of transmission; Aspect of system loss; Mechanical design of overhead lines: support of overhead lines; conductors & conductor materials; Insulators; Effect of sag; Methods for survey of transmission/distribution line route; Voltage distribution of suspension insulator; Corona; Erection of poles and drawing of conductors of overhead line; Electrical design of overhead line: Resistance of the line conductor; Skin effect of transmission line; Effect of inductance on transmission line; Effect of capacitance of overhead transmission line; Performance of transmission lines: Voltage regulation and efficiency of short transmission line.