TeleTalk 3G Modem+SIM+2GB Internet 1390 TK

  • To subscribe to any 3G Prepaid data plan, write “Subscription Code” and send to 111. For example, to subscribe monthly 2GB Data plan for 512 Kbps speed, write D20 and send to 111.
  • After exhaustion of data pack within validity time 1paisa/15KB (For 2G Prepaid 1paisa/15KB) will be charged. After validity period if any other data pack is not subscribed by the way of recursion or by manually, Pay Per Use policy will be applicable till subscriber subscribes to any other data plan.
  • If any volume is not used during the validity period, it will expire and will not be carried over to the next cycle.
  • The default data speed is up to 512 Kbps and can be enhanced up to 4 Mbps as per data plan.
  • In the case of 2G network, speed is not applicable but the procedure is same.
  • For Unlimited Package, “Fair Usage Policy” will be applicable.
  • To check the Usage of Volume Bundled Package write ‘u‘ and send SMS to 111 and to know the balance dial *152#.
  • 15% VAT will be included.

Note: for D60/D63/D64/D65:

  • The d60/d63/d64/d65 package will be named as “off peak hour data package”.
  • Pay per use rate will be applicable for D60/D63/D64/D65 subscriber during 18:01 hrs to 23:59 hrs, if the subscriber does not subscribe any other regular data package.
  • D60/D63/D64/D65 Subscriber can subscribe more than one data package at a time. If the subscriber subscribes off-peak hour data package and any other 24 hours data package simultaneously, then data will be charged from off-peak hour package during 00:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs and from regular data package from 18:01 hrs to 23:59 hrs. If off peak data pack is exhausted, regular data pack will be activated for 24 hours.
  • 15% VAT will be included.