Technology distress in the world Importance

Technology distress in the World is the opinion of some people unfortunately. On the other hand most of the people think that technology has turned life simpler and more comfortable. It has allowed us to perform works that we could hardly do normally. A list of the advantages of technology would be very long certainly. Even so, as with almost everything of technology that human beings have built are carrying a down side. Here we have got the chance to say about a dark side of technologies.

Side by side of having a vital role the Technology distress in the World partially.

There are a lot of technologies that have enriched the world and do better for the living being here. In spite of having these good sides they have some dark sides that are harmful to the world. Here we are giving some remarkable technology.

Distress for Cell Phone:


Intended for openers, technology does not specifically make life simpler quite and it tends to make life more difficult. Now a day, for example, the cell phone definitely, was at first an easy device that anyone might learn to use in a matter of minutes. One requirement a thirty-page booklet to learn how to use all of them. In addition, we have millions of people walking regarding or driving their vehicles while talking on mobile phones, usually discussing issues of no significance what sober. Within a satisfied world, the majority of its population carries complicated, multifunction gadgets that are utilized mainly to engage in unimportant chatter – and make use of them in ways that are generally irritating and unsafe.


Distress for Computer:


Another example of the difficulty of recent technology is the computer. Once again, nobody can refuse that computer systems have allowed us to express information, process data, and also perform numerous other duties with speed and relieve that, as recently like a generation ago, we would include thought impossible. Computer technologies have been advancing so rapidly, which new applications are found faster than anyone will keep pace – and which a difficulty. Even the experts understand just a fraction of what these types of machines do (just ask a specialist for help whenever a computer breakdown).


While most computer owners are not able to use many of the functions which are developed into computer programs. A lot has been written around how the younger generations who have been brought up within the computer age know with ease how to use these machines. But significant subjective evidence shows that they study only exactly what amuses or entertains all of them. Moreover, they tend to make use of computers instead than their own minds for many works which they will be able to perform without mechanical support. In this sense you can say technology distress our world some how.


There are many cons in order to technology, but there are some pro’s too. It could be helpful in people’s lives and it might be utilized to harm people’s lives. So, if you say – technology distress our world is not the lying at all. The way in which technology should be used is really as a tool and for helpful factors, and must not be used for hours of laziness. Overall, a technology influences every feature of people’s life.

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