Robi SMS Cashback offer Get Tk 2 in main account for send 10 SMS

Instant CashBack upon p2p SMS usage

In this Ramadan, Robi is offering Instant Cashback upon SMS usage. Robi pre-paid users (except EasyLoad SIM) will get Tk. 2 instant cashback upon every 10 P2P SMS usage:

– To opt in this offer dial *8666*99# for once during the campaign period. After successful opt-in subscriber will get a confirmation SMS.
– P2P SMS refers to peer to peer SMS (160 characters) and not a bonus/bundle/International SMS/Short Code based SMS.
– Use more P2P SMS (must charge from main account) to get more Cashback.
– Maximum Cashback will be Tk. 20/day.
– Daily P2P SMS usage can be checked by dialing *444*25#. Cashback counter will be refreshed everyday at 00:00 hour, so each day subscriber will start with 0 (zero) balance.
– Eligible subscribers will get SMS notification after every successful CASHBACK instantly.
– Cashback amount can be used for any purposes.
– Cashback amount will be given in pre-paid main account.
– Offer applicable upto 17th July, 2015.



– Regular P2P SMS fee will be applicable- BDT 0.50/SMS (+SD & VAT)
– No opt-in Fee
– Instant Cash Back time: Subscriber will get Tk. 2 in main account. For 10th SMS, subscriber will finally see (Tk. 2 – 1 P2P SMS fee of Tk. 0.5923) Tk. 1.4077 in his/her main account.