Robi Goon Goon Service Details (Song Code, Search Song, Active and Stop Service)

How to set a single song/content as your GoonGoon

If you want to set one single tone as your GoonGoon, type set GoonGoonCode and send to 8466.

How to Gift a GoonGoon to your Friend!!

If you want to gift a GoonGoon to another GoonGoon user, typeGift GoonGoon Code phone number without zero and send to 8466

Robi GoonGoon is a Caller Ring Back Tone service that allows you to set a song, tone, music, funny messages or sounds as a Ring-Back Tone for your callers. You can set a Robi GoonGoon for all your callers, while they wait for you to pick up the call.

Most amazingly from now on you can enjoy your first GoonGoon tone for free up to 30 days just by registering into GoonGoon service!