Robi Easy Menu All Option in One

Introducing ” Easy Menu ” a groundbreaking service under which by dialing only a single number *140# – you can browse & avail the Value Added Services like Robi GoonGoon, Missed Call Alert, Cricket Update, Postpaid Bill Information and many other Infotainment based services.

That means you no longer have to take the trouble of memorizing the different registration number & short code applicable for each of our Value Added Services.

So, forget those days and explore the world of Robi Value Added Services with Easy Menu!

Just follow the simple steps given below:

How to Use Easy Menu
Step 1 Dial *140#
Below menu will appear on the screen displaying the Value Added Services & their respective service number.

Easy Menu:1. GoonGoon

2. Mobile assistance

3. Entertainment

4. Postpaid Bill

5. FnF & Partner

6. Balance Transfer


8. Information

9. Reward

Step 2 Choose the service number of your desired Value Added Service.
Step 3 Press Answer/select and type the service number of your desired Value Added Service & send it.
Step 4 You will receive a sub-menu. Then type your required information number & send it.
Step 5 You’ll receive a reply SMS notification with the required information.








Enjoy FREE menu browsing!

– Standard tariff applicable for subscription based Value Added Services

– Standard SMS charge applicable

– Conditions apply