PSC Result 2016 and JSC Result 2016

PSC Result 2016 and JSC Result 2016 by GP SIM! Grameen phone brings JSC result 2016 and PSC Result 2015 to your mobile! Yes, after publishing Bangladesh Education Board result GP subscribers can get his/her result through SMS. The main objective of ‘JSC & PSC Result Campaign’ is to get result from anywhere and without hassle by use GP number through SMS.Full Details about

PSC Result 2015 and JSC Result 2016 by GP SIM:

  • Push Pull Service to get JSC & PSC Result of 2016 by sending SMS to 16222.
  • SMS key word:

1. JSC<>1st Three Letters of Board<>Roll<>year

Example: JSC<>DHA<>654321<>2015

2. JDC<>Madrasa Board<>Roll No<> year

Example: JDC<>MAD<>654321<>2016

3. DPE<> Student ID number

Example: DPE<> Student ID number

4. EBT<> EBT<> Student ID number

Example: EBT<> Student ID number

  •  Charge: BDT 2+3%SD+15% VAT
  • Applicable for all GP subscribers
  • After publishing the result by Bangladesh Education Board GP subscribers will get confirm result through SMS.