Prepaid Recharge using Postpaid Scratch Cards

Now Prepaid customer can deposit balance (Tk.) on their account and then purchase volume and validity using those accounts whenever they want

Terms and Conditions

  • Customer MUST use Postpaid scratch cards to deposit money for the Prepaid account’s bank wallet. Customer can recharge as many Postpaid scratch cards in their account
  • Once recharged, customer can purchase the Prepaid voucher from the Web Self-Care whenever he/she wants (see the process below)
  • Self-care will only show all the available refill options within the limit of the Prepaid bank balance
  • Upon purchase a refill, system will allocate respective data and validity. Any unused/available amount will remain in his/her account for later use
  • All other Prepaid policy will be applicable from the time of data allocate

Process for voucher refill