Microwave Engineering

AIMS To provide the students with an opportunity to develop knowledge, skill and attitude in the area of microwave & antenna with special emphasis on: • microwave components • wave guides • microwave tubes • microwave measurements • microwave antenna • semiconductor microwave devices • propagation models SHORT DESCRIPTION Concept of microwave, Microwave components; Wave […]

Data Structure and Algorithm

AIMS • To provide the knowledge & skill on data structures. • To provide the knowledge & skill on writing simple algorithms. SHORT DESCRIPTION Data,Data types, data structure and algorithm, Arrays, records, pointers, linked lists, Stack, queue and recursion, Searching & sorting. DETAIL DESCRIPTION Theory : DATA TYPES, DATA STRUCTURE AND ALGORITHM 1 Understand the […]

Computer Peripherals

AIMS • To be able to develop the knowledge & skill in peripherals & their interface. • To be able to acquire the knowledge and to develop the skill on working principle & operation of peripheral devices. SHORT DESCRIPTION Peripheral interface and peripherals; Input-Output devices; Display devices; Special I/O devices; Disk, disk drives and controllers. […]

Outside plant

AIMS To Provide the Student with an opportunity to develop knowledge, Skill and attitude in the area of outside plant with special emphasis on: • Features of telecommunication cable • Electrical properties of cable • Features of manhole , hand hole , ducts and trenches • Cross connection cabinet • Mast , tower and antenna […]

Digital Communication

Aims • To understand about digital communication • To familiarize with modulation technique. • To develop understanding on different modulation techniques. • To develop understanding on Digital communication. • To develop understanding on multiplexing techniques used in communication system. • To develop understanding on error detection and correction. • To develop understanding on multiple access […]

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