Data Structure & Algorithm

AIMS • To provide the knowledge & skill on data structures. • To provide the knowledge & skill on writing simple algorithms. SHORT DESCRIPTION Data types, data structure and algorithm; Arrays, records, pointers and linked lists; Stack, queue and recursion; Searching & sorting. DETAIL DESCRIPTION Theory : DATA TYPES, DATA STRUCTURE AND ALGORITHM 1 Understand […]

CAD & Graphic Design

AIMS • To develop the skills for drawing & designing by CAD package. • To develop the ability to design graphical objects including text, color and images. • To develop Knowledge and skill on Graphics Animation SHORT DESCRIPPTION Auto CAD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Quark Xpress. Auto CAD 1. Drawing Lines, Arcs and Circles […]

Programming Language-2

AIMS To develop knowledge and skill in program utilities in C and feature of C++ To develop knowledge of Object Oriented Programming (OOP). To develop knowledge and skill in Java language, it’s syntax, keyword and programming. SHORT DESCRIPTION Review of formatted I/O, Graphics Elements and program utilities in C. Object Oriented Programming (OOP),Overview of Data […]

Industrial Electronics

AIMS  To provide understanding and skill on SCR and TRIAC.  To provide understanding and skill on phase controlled rectifier.  To provide understanding and skill on wave shaping circuits.  To familiarize with integrated circuits.  To give an understanding on the Operational Amplifier.  To develop comprehensive knowledge and skill on power […]

Digital Electronics-1

AIMS  To develop knowledge & skill on number systems, binary arithmetic operation and codes.  To provide knowledge & skill on logic gates, ICs, logic circuits and Boolean algebra.  To assist to acquire the knowledge & skill on combinational logic circuit. SHORT DESCRIPTION Basic concept of digital electronics; Number system & codes; Logic […]

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