OSI Reference Model

Welcome back on here for know about the OSI Reference Model. OSI Means Open System Interconnection. OSI Provided by OSS (Operations Support System). It’s related with ITU-T and Started in 1982.It provided by International Organization for Standardization (ISO).OSI was a System for Keep the Network Standard. In the Past Time of OSI, Networking was Personal Creation of seller, Protocol Standard was SNA, Apple talk, Netware and DEC Net. Here we will try to provide you clear concepts about the OSI Reference Model and its background information. Are you ready to read? Why waste your Time. Read the details Information from below.

In 1990, ITU-T Provide a New OSS Model for TMN (Telecommunication Management Network). It was a 4 Layer Systems.
• Business Management Level (BML) • Service Management Level (SML) • Network Management Level (NML) and • Element Management Level (EML). All the System works with a great combination with each other’s. For your easiest perception, we have added the OSI 7 Step Layer step by Step with Layer name and Step.

In this way, when build OSI Properly, Then Whole Network System Depended on TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol). OSI Reference Model Build in 1978. This Model also Known as 7 Layers of OSI. the OSI 7 Layer are:

• Application Layer: It is 7th Number Layer. It is control the Place of Software Related with Application.
• Presentation Layer: It is 6th Number Layer. This Layer Control the Computer Network.
• Session Layer: It is 5th Number Layer. It is Control Logical Connection of Work station or Load.
• Transport Layer: It is 4th Layer. It is Control Two Sided Data of Network Place.
• Network Layer: It is 3rd Layer. It is Build The Delivery Report (Receiving Data Outside Sector)
• Data Link Layer: It is 2nd Layer. It Keep Running all Block or Packet Network.
• Physical Layer: It is 1st Layer. It is Decide and Control Physical Status of Different Note, Server.

On OSI Reference Model, TCT and IP are Related Each Other. TCP/IP is a Real Standard Protocol, uses in all over the World.
IP (Internet Protocol) Provide the Name, Address or Logical Address. TCT (Transmission Control Protocol) Get Preparation To Send Data To The Desire Location.

Finally the OSI Reference Model Working on maximum Networking system. You can ask here for more information about the OSI Reference Model and its Working Process. Our Network Specialist will review your Question and provide you a complete solution about this. Thank you for staying with us.