MS Surface Pro 4 & Dropbox’s Google Docs Release!

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MS Surface Pro 4 to launch in India in January

Recently we have collected this News from Microsoft Corporation where they inform details about Microsoft Surface Pro 4 which will be lunch India in January as soon as possible- They informed.

Microsoft Corporation had skipped India today for its outside range of tablets in advance, with too many believing that India wasn’t the right marketplace for a high-end, expensive a tablet or laptop. But currently that’s changing now.

Today announced that the Microsoft Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL would launch in India next month conformed. Microsoft executive demonstrated the new operating system Windows 10 feature where connected the Smartphone to a typing keyboard and HD display, which transform the Smartphone understanding into a laptop devices like interface.

Microsoft only announced the specification and configuration; it hasn’t announced the pricing details for the device MS Surface Pro 4 or the new announced device Lumia Smartphone.

“We are reinventing computing with devices like the HoloLens to Microsoft Band and everything in between,” Nadella said during his keynote titled The Empowered Leader.

Drop box’s Google Docs competitor is launching next year

You should remember Project Composer; the unexplained productivity application Drop box began testing in the helix. It have turned out the Project Composer was the code name for the Drop box Paper, a collaborative note currently taking apps which works within of Drop box, That is the company quietly first times launched in beta last month.

On the last Wednesday, at the company Drop box arranged an event in San Francisco, there Drop box announced that the service will be coming out of beta in 2016 as soon as possible. In the meantime, Mashable was able to take document for a spin.

The best and popular ways to describe Paper is a cross between Google Docs and Medium. It has many of the formatting, real time editing and collaboration features of Google Docs with a design that’s visually similar to Medium’s minimalist aesthetic.

That said that Dropbox is positioning Paper as a collaboration tool, rather than a full-on document editor. So while it has the essential formatting tools you would expect from it. Here, you can format headers manually, add links, custom lists and format text styles which it lacks some customization skin. You can’t change the default font or the color of the desire text.

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