Microsoft Takes Control Over Cloud Data of German Trustee

Microsoft recently has said that they are going to take control over cloud data of its Office 365, Azure and Dynamics CRM services of two Germany-based host centers in addition of Deutsche Telekom. It will protect the privacy and integrity the data of customers, said the company. The said data center is located in Frankfurt and Magdeburg and they will go to under T-systems’ control, which is a Deutsche Telekom’s unit, and it will act like controlling and trustee of data over the access to all kinds of data, Microsoft official said.

Under this deal, Microsoft won’t have the capacity to get to the information without consent of the trustee, and if such authorization ought to be in all actuality, Microsoft would have the capacity to get to information just under the supervision of the trustee. Although, the model of data trustee is particular to the Microsoft cloud in Germany, said from the Microsoft.

Fallout of Safe Harbor

As it’s known to us that the treaty of Safe Harbor has been invalid to protect the rights of the citizens of Europe after 15 years. It was the response of an Austrian citizen complaint to make argue to transfer Facebook data without the permission of the authority, and he felt that it was not safe for his privacy. “It looks like that Microsoft ensuring it can keep on doing cloud business in the EU paying little respect to any instability made by the late Schrems Safe Harbor choice,” Sherwin Siy, the VP of legitimate undertakings said from the Public Knowledge authority.

“By ensuring about the information that doesn’t need to leave the EU, Microsoft decreases the conceivable obligation for sending Europeans’ own information to the U.S. on the other hand somewhere else,” he said to the E-Commerce Times.

The German server farm arrangements were in progress much sooner than the Safe Harbor decision was passed on, then again, and it was not a variable in the organization’s choice to enter the information trustee contract, as indicated by Microsoft authority.

Growth of the Business of Cloud Services

The move could be critical to the growth of the business of cloud services, of Microsoft, because they have spent already US$15 billion and more to extend this part of the business worldwide. The Cloud services of the Azure Platform are available in 140 countries all over the world- they can claim higher offer than other competitors.

The intelligent Cloud business of Microsoft grew 8% to $5.9 billion in the financial first-quarter, the organization reported.


Adversaries like Google and Amazon have been building out their server farm foundations in the EU, and Amazon has held no less than a part of it for its platform of Amazon Web Services cloud, as indicated by Colin Sebastian, the analyst of Robert W. Baird and Co.


“Past Safe Harbor decisions, what we get notification from some Europe-based organizations is they don’t believe their information being situated in the U.S. Furthermore, different areas, and interest that servers are situated in Europe, subject to the laws of the EU,” he added more, “One of the treaties would be utilized to make the Mutual Treaty of Legal Assistance.”