Microsoft is Making Limits on OneDrive

It might be a bad news for the users of Office 365 with an unlimited storage offer on OneDrive that Microsoft is going to cut it with limited offers of free storage. Some users have abused the limitation by exceeding 75 TB, or in average 14000 times, that said the company. The users of Office 365 Home Edition, Personal as well as University users will not get the offer of unlimited storage; they will be able to use free storage of 1TB on OneDrive storage, but there is no change for business subscribers of Office 365.

OneDrive was intended to be more than fundamental document storage and stockpiling, and the progressions are important to guarantee that Microsoft can keep on conveying a community oriented and smart administration, the organization said. “This is driven by Microsoft perceiving that a couple individuals are manhandling the administration, and making a deliberate change in accordance with their offerings in accordance with other distributed storage arrangements,” said Ian Campbell, CEO of Nucleus Research. It’s “a nonevent, and Nucleus doesn’t anticipate that it will affect Microsoft’s profit later on,” he told the E-Commerce Times interview.


Grace Period

Subscribers of Office 365 those who are using 1TB or more, they will get a grace period of 12 months, said Microsoft official. And the users of 5GB free storage also get extra 12 months from next year. They additionally can obtain a free 1 year membership of Office 365 Personal, which incorporates 1 TB of OneDrive stockpiling – yet must drop down a credit card to recover it. Current clients of standalone OneDrive stockpiling arrangements, for example, the 100-GB or 200-GB paid arrangements are not influenced by the progressions.

Users’ Comments

Here are some comments that are posted by the users of Office 365 after new decisions. “Why do you punish your subscriber’s everyday for some other’s fault?” John wrote. “It is a great backdown.” Pedro wrote, ”OneDrive, goodbye and welcome Gdrive.”

“I have changed from Mac to PC a year ago, to a great extent in light of the fact that OneDrive was such an astounding offering for media geniuses contrasted with the low tops of iCloud,” Dan Wells, a photographer, said. Microsoft “comprehended the wants of those who are in the image media world. … I may well be backpedaling to the Mac.”

A few video industry experts likewise voiced their discontent with the change. “I do video creation work, so this is an overwhelming hit to me,” Kit has written in the comment.


Resource Restraint

“Working on unlimited only possible if you have the resources and availability,” Rob Enderle observed, who is the Enderle Group’s principal analyst. “We were believing that it might be a little hard decision about the free storage in OneDrive but it is very hard to digest about the limits, for some of the others.” he objected it to the E-Commerce Times.


The reason of the changes of free storage offers of OneDrive is to reduce the cost of the company because Microsoft has trimmed 7800 staff in the last July and another 1000 in October.