Microsoft is Collaborating with HPE for Windows 10 Solution

Microsoft announced last week that they are going to be collaborating with HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) for the solution for Windows 10 in the areas of enterprise worldwide. This collaboration will be occurred in three areas, mainly; such as, cloud, mobility and productivity. This was declared last year by the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella. She said that their company will focus on mobile, cloud and users empowerment everywhere.


They also said from Microsoft that HPE will contribute the integrated services to modernize and streamline workflow solutions; to accelerate the transformation of enterprise on the platform of the Windows 10. “It’s an essential go-to-market relationship that expands on a long-running relationship in the middle of Microsoft along with numerous parts of HP that are presently in two separate companies,” said by Al Hilwa, the program director of IDC. It will comprise of “tie-ins around HPE clients and servers, and Microsoft Azure Cloud with some truly fascinating vertical apps the two will focal point on,” he said to the E-Commerce Times. “It’s identified with Windows 10 and mobile seeing that HPE administrations are included in execution ventures with these for clients.”

What do the Enterprises Offer?

Consultants of HPE work with digital process designing, prototyping and application development to make the business processes of the transformed clients. Microsoft will make a pair with its Enterprise Mobility Suit, Office 365, Dynamics CRM, Skype for Windows 10 Enterprise and Business.

Above of HPE’s present consultative delivery and advisory through the ecosystem of the Windows 10, it will offer other cloud profitability and mobile products’ platform.

Microsoft and HPE are building well-to-do application clarifications for car, healthcare and finance divisions, said from the Microsoft. The joint effort, additionally, looks to accelerate Windows 10-based venture arrangements’ entrance of the retail, vitality and transportation commercial ventures. Notwithstanding changing business forms and the way work completes, the cooperation tries to give another level of client experiences and services on any device with the Windows 10.

The Weak Link is Mobile

Although, mobility is emphasized by Microsoft, but they did not good in the field of mobile, even it has not any good device with the flagship, and it’s admitted by Nadella earlier in this year. They also admitted publicly that the Project Astoria and its tool will be helpful to the Android app port for the Windows 10 Mobile version is also made late to come in the tech market.

How is the Cloud?

It’s fixed that HPE will be at the close of Helicon public cloud from next Jan. 31, after a huge discussions within the issue earlier at this year. The partnership of the company will be with cloud providers of hybrid private or public clouds.


Microsoft is pulling once again from open Infrastructure as a Service “where it would be contending specifically against AWS, Google Compute Engine, Microsoft Azure as well as IBM SoftLayer,” said John Dinsdale of Synergy Research Group to the E-Commerce Times.


He adds “This is not a big income flow for HPE to staying aggressively there is remarkably intense, as of the matter of scale and economy.”