Industrial Power Electronics Syllabus Diploma in Electronics Engineering, Regulation 2010, Short Suggestion, Exam Dates, Exam Routine, Question Out, Book list with code

• To develop the knowledge and skill on using semiconductor diode in power
• To familiarize with power switching device.
• To develop the knowledge & skill on inverter , Chopper& Cyclocoverter
• To familiarize dc and ac control drive.
• To develop knowledge & skill on steeper motor control & Servo system .
• To develop knowledge & skill on Solar Power system
• To develop the knowledge & skill on high frequency heating and
resistance welding.
• To familiarize Microwave heating.
Power switching devices; Semiconductor diode in power electronics; Inverters, Chopper , Cyclocoverter , Control of ac and dc drives, steeper motor , Photo device, Solar Power system , Induction Heating , Microwave heating,. Resistance welding;
Theory :
1 Understand the Concept of Power Electronics.
1.1 Define the term power electronics.
1.2 Mention the major components of a power electronic system.
1.3 Describe the working of power electronic system.
1.4 Mention the scope and application of power electronics.
1.5 List the merits and demerits of power electronics.
1.6 Mention the types of power semiconductor devices.

2 Understand the characteristics of semiconductor diodes in power Electronics