Industrial Management

• To be able to develop the working condition in the field of industrial or other
• To be able to understand develop the labor management relation in the
industrial sector.
• To be able to develop the management techniques in the process of decision making.
• To be able to manage the problems created by trade union.
• To be able to understand the network , PERT, CPM & MBO
• To be able to perform the marketing.
• To be able to maintain inventory.

Basic concepts of management; Principles of management; Scientific management;
Organization; Span of supervision; Motivation; Personnel management and human
relation; Staffing and manpower planning ; Training of staff; Industrial dispute; Concept of leadership; Concepts and techniques of decision making; Concept of trade union; Inventory control; Economic lot size ; Break even analysis; Labour and industrial law; PERT , CMP ; Network ; Marketing; Production management;