GSM Architecture and Transmission System Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering

Generally mobile communication system maintained by GSM Architecture. It is called GPRS Network too. GSM communication system mainly transfers and receives data from mobile station and BTS. Cell phone GSM system builds in two ways. One system GSM base station and another step GSM cell phone. Signaling or GSM system transmit signal manually. It is divided into three categories.

1St step: Mobile station to BTS, this transmission system transfers and receives data signal by GSM Mobile communication. It transfers data through GSM Mobile communication with Air media channel. Here point to be noted that, not only GSM phone but also GSM Modem communication system follow this transmission system.

Microwave transmission system is similar with GSM Architecture. Microwave transmission system transmit and receive signal with some manual step like: Digital data, it is called information source or the data we want to transmit through Microwave Antenna. Then the desire data send to Modulator, Modulator modulate data to mix with quality signal. Modulator sends data to Amplifier. Amplifier Amplify and generated the signal. Amplifier sends the data to Transmission Antenna. Now the data signal is on Air (Transmission Media/Channel). It was the Transmitting section.

Now comes to receiving section. The Receiving Antenna receive signal from air media. Then send the signal to Demodulator for divided the main signal. After demodulating the main communication signal demodulator provide the original for communication.

Here available some feature and concept of Transmission media: One transmission media is different from others. It is depending on Cost, Installation Process, Band wide, Band Usage (Base Band and Broad Band) and Attenuation.