Grameenphone Shohoj Prepaid Package Details, Call Rates and Internet offer

Grameenphone prepaid connection where you will be able to talk to any operator number at a flat rate of 20 paisa/ 10 second.

  • Pulse: 10 Seconds
  • Shohoj package users can also migrate to the other prepaid price plans of Grameenphone i.e. Nishchinto, Bondhu, Amontron & djuice
Feature Time Tariff
Outgoing local voice calls 24 hours GP-GP GP-Other Operators
20 poisha/ 10 second
Pulse 10 second
Local SMS Charge 50 poisha/ SMS (within 160 characters including spaces)
International SMS Taka 2.50/ SMS (within 160 characters including spaces)



  • Please find FAQ section for migration process.
  • No differential charging will be applicable (Same for 1st and rest of the minutes)
  • 3% Supplementary Duty (SD) +15 % VAT on price inclusive of SD will be applicable
  1. What is Shohoj?
  • Shohoj is the prepaid price plan offered from Grameenphone.
  • All Shohoj subscribers can migrate to the other prepaid price plans Nishchinto, Bondhu, Amontron and djuice.
  • Existing Smile and djuice connection will remain as is i.e. they will continue enjoying their current tariff plans unless they migrate to any of the above mentioned tariff plans.
  1. What will be the price plan Migration process?
  • When a subscriber purchases a new prepaid connection, it will be activated under Nishchinto (or djuice) price plan. After activation, they can migrate to Amontron, Bondhu or djuice price plan – for FREE.
  • To migrate, subscriber needs to write valid keyword and send SMS to 4444. Or just dial *111*44#. Following is the list of valid keyword (not case sensitive) for migration:
Price plan / Product Keyword
Bondhu B
Nishchinto N
Amontron AM
Djuice D
  • In case of IVR based Migration, all a subscriber has to do is dial 4444 and follow the instructions.
  1. What would be the tariff of existing Smile or Djuice subscriber?
  • Existing Smile and Djucie subscriber tariff will be as is, but they can also migrate to new price plans i.e. Nishchinto, Amontron and Bondhu (as per above mentioned migration table) if they want.
  1. What would happen about the ongoing campaign offer to newly migrated subscriber?
  • Newly migrated subscriber will not be allowed to enjoy any campaign offer which he was enjoying before migration. But if the campaign offer is also applicable to the newly migrated price plan then he will continue to enjoy the offer. Any unused bonus amount, free minute, unused VAS will be carried forward after migration.
  1. What will happen to the F&F number after Migration?
  • Shohoj package does not offer the F&F feature.
  • However, for other eligible price plans, after every migration, all previous F&F numbers will be removed from the subscriber’s account. Subscriber will be notified through SMS (after migration) about the deletion of F&F numbers. After this SMS notification, subscriber has to re-activate his/her desired F&F numbers, if applicable.
  1. How frequently and How F&F numbers can be changed / added?
  • Shohoj package does not offer the F&F feature.
  • However, for other eligible price plans, the procedure of F&F activation and change/addition is as per the below table. The below format SMS needs to be sent to 2888 for Activation, Changing, Viewing, or Adding F&F numbers:
Services SMS Format
Friends & Family in Prepaid


Activation newnumber<space>newnumber<space>newnumber


Change Oldnumber<space>newnumber


To View FF
Add ( New F&F Number) newnumber<space>newnumber


For Help Help
SMS Charge Taka 2.00/SMS + 3% Supplementary Duty (SD) +15 % VAT on price inclusive of SD
  • Already assigned F&F numbers can be changed after every 15 days.
  1. After Migration, what will happen to the unused VAS or Subscription fee.
  • Any unused VAS for which subscriber has already paid, will be carried forward after migration to new price plan. For example: if a subscriber activates EDGE P3 (which has a validity of 30 days), enjoys the offer for 20 days and then migrates to another price plan (as per above mentioned migration table) he/she will enjoy the rest 10 days of EDGE P3 which he/she has already paid for. Same logic will be applicable for any other VAS or subscription fee.
  1. What will happen to the remaining account balance and account validity after migration?
  • Subscriber’s account balance and validity will remain as is (.i.e. will be carried forward) after migration.
  1. What would be the tariff of other VAS and feature?
  • All other VAS tariff and feature will remain as is, outside the mentioned tariff plan.
  1. What would be the price plan for reconnection or churned subscriber?
  • Churned or reconnected (connections which are disconnected when their Service Period is over) subscriber will be activated under the default tariff plan i.e. Nishchinto. But in case of SIM change, subscriber will be activated under his/her current price plan.
  • Note : Service period = 180 days after account validity period.
  1. What would be the reply text when any subscriber send Migration request to 4444 port?
  • Below are the request types and reply SMS texts:
Request type Reply SMS texts
1 Valid migration request ( valid key word and valid product) Confirmation SMS: Your subscription has been migrated to XX (dynamic as per request). You can again migrate after DD/MM/YY.
2 Reply SMS about deletion of his/her existing F&F numbers after successful migration Your F&F no 017aaaaaaaa,017bbbbbbbb, 017cccccccc, 017dddddddd, 017eeeeeeee, 017ffffffff have been deactivated. Please reset your F&F numbers.
3 Valid request but the subscriber is already enjoying the requested price plan Dear subscriber, you are already enjoying the requested tariff plan. Please call 121 for details.
4 Inter product migration request (i.e. Existing Smile to existing djuice) Invalid request . Please call 121 for details.
5 Wrong keyword from any product Wrong Keyword. Please call 121 for details.
6 Multiple valid request from eligible product Dear subscriber, you already have a request pending. Please wait for the confirmation SMS. Thank You.
7 Valid migration request within 15 days of one migration Dear subscriber, you can migrate to desire product after dd/mm/yy. Please call 121 for details.
8 Migration request from ineligible products e.g. migration request from Village Phone(VP) or GP Public Phone (GPPP) Invalid request . Please call 121 for details.
9 To check the validity of current migration date. Key word: Check Dear subscriber, you are currently enjoying XX (Dynamic) product and you can migrate after dd/mm/yy.Conditions apply.
  1. Can any newly activated subscriber migrate to existing Smile tariff plan?

No. But all Smile subscribers can migrate to Nishchinto, Amontron, Bondhu and djuice.

Subscriber can migrate through USSD, SMS or IVR call. For SMS based migration, port is 4444 (applicable keywords are provided in the above mentioned Migration process in question # 2). IVR port too is 4444. And for USSD based migration, all you have to do is just dial *111*44#. Migration is FREE of charge.

  1. What would be the frequency of migration?

The frequency of migration will be once in a day, i.e. will have 1 calendar day validity. If any subscriber migrates from one price plan to another he will not be allowed to make another migration again within the same day.

  1. What would be migration fee?

No charge applicable.

  1. What are the benifits of Shohoj?

This package is for those prepaid users who want a flat tariff offer. Subscribers who do not want to bother about calculating different tariff rates while making calls to own operator number or different operator number. Thus, Shohoj basically provides an opportunity where a flat tariff of 19.17 paisa/10 second is offered for 24 hours